[SOLVED] Thrower 25$-30$ from wallbuys.com 2x18650 [chose small sun ZY-T08]

Hello, I bought and paid for SUN ZY-T13 from wallbuys.com but after 10 days I received information that is out of stock and will not be available, coz the factory stopped production of this model. This was supposed to be a birthday gift for my father. I don’t have much time to choose, I don’t want to be late with a gift.

So now I’m looking a similar thrower around 25$ from wallbuys.
I found

Any opinions on these flashlights?
Any suggestions? Eventually may be from another site.

Please Help

Hi, cky. And welcome to the friendliest forum on this neck of the interwebs! :slight_smile:

I don’t have either of those and can’t think of anyone who does or has done a review on them, but budget throwers are becoming more and more common. And when dealing in the budget world where copies of copies of copies keep getting made, it’s good to go with what is known.

That sucks about the T13. It’s a prized little contender around these parts, but it’s cousin isn’t bad - and in fact, may be better…

I can personally recommend this one. It’s in your price range, time-tested, and fully approved by the consensus here. Throws awesomely and feels great in the hand. I wouldn’t pass it by. Add to that, it’s not driven hard enough to present heat issues or any such thing. That 650-lumen claim is not far off, either (note: if you are a newb to flashlights, never trust budget manufacturer lumen claims!). Mine boasted 648 lumens after 30 seconds on two Panasonic unprotected cells.

Just be sure to get good batteries, like (at a minimum) Trustfire Flames or Panasonics or Sanyos. That is, assuming you don’t already have them.

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I would also take ZY-T08, or HD2010. When that is said...

... never order from China if you are in a hurry. Items could be out of stock, items could take a longer time to ship (longer than webpage says). Shipping can take way longer than what is normal/average. Sometimes packages are just super slow, even if shipped fast...

and if you want a little more give this light is great for older humen

you can set the stand on/of like you want.


I also recommend the Y3…

Thank you for the welcome but where the red carpet and fanfares? :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought of the ZY-T08 as last resort, coz my father don’t like fat body flashlights, maybe he is accustomed to holding something long and thin…
Can be unprottected cells recycled from laptop battery? he has a lot these

I wrote it knowing how it is with shipping from China, still have 5 weeks.

Y3 look’s nice but he need something on 18650, by the way is there any difference in light power between 18650 and 2x18650 or only runtime?

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5 weeks is normally ok. But like I said, there are many things that can go wrong. These days I assume 3-4 weeks. If the package gets here faster then its just a bonus. Most people who buys lots of stuff from China have on many occasions experienced 6+ weeks ... Personally I think its better to be a pessimist when it comes to shipping times. Id rather be positively surprised than, then not getting a package in time or having to worry about it. Just a heads up warning that you might want to have a backup present. I have heard about others on the forums who have not gotten stuff for peoples birthdays before..

Two unprotected cells in series is not recommended unless the cells are monitored to have equal voltage and not drained too much. Otherwise it could become dangerous. Single emitter lights with two cells in series often have same output from fully charged to empty, which again, is why some of them could be dangerous with unprotected cells.

Single cell lights usually decline in output once the battery is drained.

18650 and 26650 have the same voltage, just increased capacity with the latter. You can always turn a 26650 light into an 18650 light; just add spacers inside.

But you may well go with what you selected to begin with. They have 53mm heads, so they would throw well. The quality would be the only question. If you try one, report back to us on what they’re like.

I chose Small Sun ZY-T08, i hope he will convince to fat body flashlights. Thanks for help!

When I will be in the family home, and I find some time I’ll do a little comparison between
Convoy M2
Ultrafire C8
Convoy C8
Ultrafire W502B
Small Sun ZY-T08
and some DIY diving flashlights like Q5x5 and halogen 50W and others

A stock Yezl Y3 easily out-throws a stock ZY-T08, details here of the Y3: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/24076#comment-547190. The Y3 comes with a 18650 adapter now, so performs the same on an 18650 or 26650. A stock T08 does about 35-40 kcd, while the stock Y3 does 62 kcd, in my testing.

the y3 very pretty on the hand and long runtime on hige and become not hot on high….good for nightwalking.

I picked up http://www.lightscastle.com/product/fandyfire-stl-v6-cree-xm-lt6-2-mode-1000-lumen-white-led-flashlight-2x18650-3x16340-3x123a-130015 with a coupon for 5% off and free tracking. The little stinker throws good! It’s my first thrower but I’m impressed. The longest throw I can do in my back yard is about 120 yards and even in medium it lights up the trees like daylight. Please don’t tell me the Y3 is way better or my wallet will take another hit :frowning:

- Joe

Well the stock STL-V6 is rated at 48 kcd here: onestopthrowshop.com, while I measured the stock Y3 at 62.5 kcd, so...

I’m thinking you are correct Sir. But now that I research what a Y3 is, it takes a 26650 battery. I’m trying hard to stick with 18650 for now. Kinda like with weapons. I dumped a lot of things and standardized a lot on 9MM and 5.56MM just to save on ammo…:slight_smile: I still want one bad, but the 26650 takes it out of the need category for now. I’m sorry I asked the dumb question. I’m still a N00b, but buying a few nice flashlights thanks to the brains here on BLF!

- Joe