Some Good News on Windows 10

Updates will no longer have a mind of their own

Too late

Because of that I was forced to migrate to linux

Since that I feel liberated

Several of my friends have done the same

Windows has always shown a notification when a restart is needed.

People need to stop being lazy and procrastinating putting things off as long as possible, just get it over with.

If only it were that simple. I’d be all for automatic updates if they actually worked every time. I’ve got mostly linux boxes myself but I do have a Win10 laptop that must remain Windows. Unfortunately some damn update Windows pushed out months ago refuses to work with my setup. It won’t tell me why, it just fails to install and leaves it stuck in a boot loop until I roll it back to the previous version. And what happens as soon as I roll it back? Yep, it tells me its time to install some updates and a restart is required. And around and around we go…

I’ve been using OS X for a few years now. And I’m glad I have no idea what the fuss is about.

90% of the issues with windows 10 are caused by upgrading from 7 or 8 rather than doing a clean install the proper way.

I upgraded from Windows 7. Happy to say my system hasn’t given me any problems at all.

Well, just because it doesn’t seem to be having issues doesn’t mean it’s fine…:confused:
You might want to check out your administrative events in event viewer, there could be stuff malfunctioning in the background.

I am sitting happy on windows 8.1 i do not expect much from an OS.

My favorite version of windows was windows ME it was so light and fast the way an OS should be. It did have a few driver issues lol

For me it was Win2k pro. Easy to clone an installed instance so I always had a working backup and stable enough I had a computer running for a year without rebooting.

I never let my pc get infected by the windows 8 or 10 viruses. Still going on 7.

I’m also sticking with 7 until they release an 11 (hate 8.x and 10.x for several reasons).
My main computing platform these days is actually iOS.

That is good news.
I am working on setting a new computer up and I cannot accept random reboots, it would prevent me from doing many of my tests.

There is no 11.
Windows 10 is now built of modules that don’t require a complete reinstall to upgrade the version.
Instead you get stuff like “version 1607” updates that improve the OS.
From now on it’s just incremental upgrades just like OSX.

Ironically, this is what Windows XP was supposed to be. I’ll believe it when I see it. Meanwhile, it’s already possible with Linux and has been for decades.

90% of the issues with windows 10 are caused by upgrading from 7 or 8 rather than doing a clean install the proper way.

!!!100% CORRECT!!!

If you have the ability/capability to do a clean install of any OS…it’s definitely the recommended way…never upgrade if you can do a clean install.

My elderly neighbor paid hundreds of dollars to some local computer rescue business to take her PC back to Windows 7.
That was after the automatic Windows 10 update screwed it up for her.
And all she uses is Firefox and email.

I never heard that about XP.
Anyway, there have already been two major updates to windows 10, the november update and the anniversary update.
They are not making whole new OSes anymore.

Yes the upgrade process is broken and half the time screws everything up.

On the subject of in-place upgrades, I don’t know of any OS that has done it flawlessly yet. (I don’t know about Apple products - haven’t used them.) Conventional wisdom has always favored clean installs at least for both Windows and Linux (except for the few Linux installs that are operating on a true rolling-release installation model as mentioned above)

I agree clean installs are better.
But for anyone waiting for “windows 11” they are going to be waiting a loooong time…