Some Goodies arrived today

I had all but given up on the Hi-max battery , it sure took a long time getting here , the stuff from KD was not so bad , a week and a half , and my L2P grey , got here rather fast .

Looks like I have to build that XM-L U2 drop in now .. [ wonder if its really a U2 ? ] , I already swapped out the bezel ring for the SS steel low profile one on the L2P

I'm curious about that U2 drop-in myself. I'd like a L2P and a U2 so I'll keep checking back on this thread. Keep us posted!

DX claims to have the U2 on a 16mm board , so I had to buy it .. I will build the pill this afternoon ..

Dunno there will be big difference between T6 and U2. For sure, T6 at 3A will be brighter that U2 at 2A.

If you look at it like that , then a T5 would be better ..

Still , if you can buy U2 , why not ?

Get a P4 they have a nice tint.

Or a beeswax candle. They have not only a nice tint but also smell good. ;)

Nice L2P! Very handsome light.

Yeah it really does look nice with that flat bezel...I might have to order a few of those!

I have some Hi-Max batteries on order, playing the waiting game on them now.

You would ahve to drive the candle pretty hard though, according to the lumens output, you need to drive about 100A through it, I dont we have torchlight sized drivers for that at budget levels yet.