Some interesting Small Sun flashlights

I was browsing GB when I saw they now carry quite large selection of small sun flashlights, including some interesting ones:

3xAA Flashlight (Claimed also to be 3x14500)

2xAA (Claimed also 2x14500)


Lol the last one is an olight i6

I like the 3 X AA light but I am unfamiliar with a CREE LM LED ?


It’s probably XR-E, as the one in 2xAA flashlight.

The first 18650 shown in the OP, one I once bought it branded 'Ultrafire'. I liked the compactness, the rubber cigar grip ring (which is now on my BLF-X6) and design (design is derived from a SWM light), but what spoiled it all was the plastic reflector. That reflector was part of what held the ledboard down, and it was so weak that it deformed upon tightening. If this version has an aluminium reflector it could be a very nice light.

It looks a little funny. Still, cant have too many AA lights.


I have one of the 3xAA ones. I think I got it because there was a thread here on BLF awhile ago about it and that it works with a P60 module.

That was quite awhile ago, so my memory may be incorrect though. I’ll have to see if I still have the light.


EDIT: Ahh. Here’s the thread: RaceR`s 3xAA P60 host. Price, 8.75$

I’d be interested in a 2x AA host like that, but after looking at the pictures, it’s a remarkably ugly light… Looks like they took a light, then an extension tube from a random mismatched light, and put them together. No aesthetics at all.


I usually stay away from Small Sun….
I had Small Sun ZY-T13 and Small Sun ZY-T08, overall not bad lights, however very thin ano, cheap aluminium (I mean some alloy wich is light weight and not strong - you can see it usually on edges - uneven with small holes), fake stainless steel, and plastic reflector (in one of those lights), press-fit drivers.
I would prefer to buy more Convoys, Roche, EE like lights :slight_smile:

Nice looking, but I bet every one of them has next-mode memory.

Small-sun grade is somewhat Ultrafire and design is like from the 90s. I hope all store stop importing them anymore.