Some more super-budget 1xAA flashlight options

Hello all, here are a few more single AA lights that will cost you less than a coffee and donut-- or less than a tea and scone. ;) Again, I haven't purchased these (yet) and I don't know much about the retailer....

SmallSun ZY-C575


As usual, I like this simple design with knurling on a large percentage of the body. And I like pocket clips on lights. That is quite a nice looking clip for such a cheap light. The pictures indicate that it disassembles at the head and the tail. And it appears that the tailcap on the disassembled picture is flush to the ground, so it might be tailstandable, although the switch boot protrusion is highly variable even with $15 lights. It is probably a floody light, similar to the MXDL T51 that several of us here have recently bought.

SmallSun ZY-572


This one supposedly has a glass lens, which I highly doubt, especially since another cheap Popbuying light features a "Toughened synthetic glass lens". We all know what that means. But who can complain for the price. This one is unique because it has a side-facing wart switch. I personally don't like it much for the switch, reminds me too much of the junky old monstrosities that were incandescent plastic-body flashlights of old.

Additionally, I found everyone's favorite "Powerlight HX-G011" for $2.99 at Popbuying, hopefully it's from the same supplier that DealExtreme uses. They have a ton of colors. Here are the only two colors that are worthy of adorning a flashlight:

In the canteen at work a cup of tea and a scone (at the current terrible exchange rate) would be about $2.50 or about $2.90 for coffee and a scone.

Just as well I don't buy my coffee there when I could be spending it on flashlights...

The first one has "that tailcap", as we already know the last one does -- the middle one probably doesn't as it has a side switch. Which is what most people expect. Most people don't "get" tailcap switches here as they expect it to be on the side of the light. A patient who has seen most of my lights still ends up looking for the switch every time. He was very impressed with the C3 clone and asked me to order one for him.

I got

Has a blue tint.

Not as bad as :

More blue than white. 3-piece body. Don't know what to do with it.

This too has a blue tint :

This has a very faint blue tint, I prefer it to the Powerlights :

The only one without a tint ( and the one I kept for myself ) : .

Excellent, thanks for the info cpf! Huh, so these have a three piece body you say?

I wish they had a 1xAA version of this body style, it looks very nice.

Is this one a 3-piece or 2-piece body?

Thanks for the help!

only the blue one ( which also has a blue beam ! ) has a 3-piece body.

looks like the cheaper ( i mean really cheaper ) Powerlights tend to have a tint.

if you are getting 3 or more lights FP offers quite a discount. there was a coupon code 2OFF5 at FP, i could have got 3 of the clip lights for 3 x 2.65 - 2 or less than $2 each. even now the tint-less one will cost you just $3.06. i would prefer these to the ebay ones anyday.