Some new XM-L lights on Manafont

This is a nice looking XM-L with infinite brightness control. But I personally wish it had a 2x18650 extension tube so it could also be used with a single cell.

TrustFire TR-3T6 Triple XM-L T6 5 Modes LED Flashlight (2x18650)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is a new item. Another 3x XM-L barn burner. Looks like it has better heatsinking than its Skyray counterpart.

SKY RAY STL-V3 XM-L T6 LED 5 Modes Flashlight
Nice looking pocket clip on this one. Not exactly pocket sized, but hey... :steve:

I like that Trustfire triple!

I love that skyray! If only the clip was removable. Is it??

The TrustFire TR-3T6 Triple XM-L T6 looks like a freaken TANK! I have a Sky Ray 3xT6 3800-Lumen 3-LED coming in the mail now and the TF looks very well thermally protected even better than the Sky Ray.

Plus it looks like a club and heavier than a Maglight if it were to hit you over the head.

I do like the Stepless Brightness Control XM-L T6 200M Diver Flashlight (2x18650) but unless you use that in water your in for a thermal nightmare. 3 amps on an XM-L with little mass around the head = dimming light.

tis as simple as feeding a crack addict his fix........ new torches almost every day....must look in case the next biggest/smallest/brightess/cheapest torch is available.......haha

Hello, my name is Paul and I am a Cree Addict! Laughing

i just switched to the trustfire , even with the modes. hope they make a strobless soon

Does anyone have any news, reviews or have the TR-3T6 yet?

Im not so sure i need another 3 emitter XM-L but you cant have too many i guess, But 3x 18650 intrigues and scares me all at the same time!

The 3x is entirely optional and it's entirely possible the other ones work on 3 too but they're too lazy to include the extension (some 3t6 are sold as 2x only). Someone in the 3800 thread said they already ordered so shouldn't be too long.

Correction, my theory about 3 cells isn't necessarily right. 2100 found it's a boost driver inside these 3800's so 3 cells will really heat this thing up if it doesn't somehow kill the driver.

I have one currently in transit and will let you know how it goes when it arrives. Right now I do have the TrustFire X8 and it's a really nice light, well heatsinked and a really good beam of light.

I ordered the TrustFire TR-3T6 Triple XM-L T6 5 Modes LED Flashlight (2x18650) yesterday and it has been dispatched already. I'm pretty excited. I wonder how long it will take to get here? I'm in New York.. Edit: I ordered mine from Manafont

Wow! that is quick, when I ordered the same light except 3x18650 it took them nearly a week just to ship it out.

I originally ordered the Sky Ray version on the 18th which I canceled after it not being shipped 8 days later. Glad I did. The Trustfire looks like it's built better in the heat sinking department. I hope it's a reliable light..

I recently bought the new sku Trustfire TR1200 from DX and said it would be my last flashlight purchase for a while. Now, all of these 3X XML lights are coming out and are really tempting. Cry

I must haz lumenz.Cry

It's hard to say exactly how long, it's been 10 days since the status of my order says "dispatched" and it still has not arrived. I have a few other orders with them too, but the others ones are a little less than 10 days 'old' since dispatched status; so I'm assuming they will arrive after this one does.

Weird cause HKE is in Hong Kong too, and his stuff always gets to me in 7 days; doesn't seem to be true of MF.

And DX, well let's just say stuff from them comes over on the SLOW boat from China :)

"well let's just say stuff from them comes over on the SLOW boat from China"

So true! Those Chinese boats need turbo chargers installed!

The trustfire 3 cell is just to have some longer lasting light? So it's basically the 2 cell with an extension i could take away if i wanted? But if it's unsafe because of overheating i might just buy the 2 cell as it really looks sturdy (compared to the SR3800 which seems to be DOA a lot)