Some novelty and different LED flashlights

Hi everyone,

I'm new here, Glad to be a member in this forum.

I'd like to recommand some LED flashlights with different options for you. More information please refer to:

These stainless steel ones look interesting.

Wonder what they cost?

Hi there lightalight, welcome!

The SS2 (appears to be an AA model?) looks interesting to me. I also wish they had prices and an ordering system on their site.

The CT-10 also looks very nice. But I'm confused, it is supposed to be a 1xAA model, but under Accessories it lists:

18650/16340 battery charger/adapter

1*18650 Mrlite battery

My guess is that copy and paste have been used - the stainless steel ones say HAIII which would be very clever on SS. I'm assuming that the CR123 ones (shortest) come with a cell, the AA ones (middle length) don't and the 18650 ones (longest) come with a cell. Doubt they are actually lithium polymer cells but I could be wrong. The CT-10 claims IPX 8 water resistance which is really good. "IPX-8 Protected against water submersion - The equipment is suitable for continual submersion in water under conditions which are identified by the manufacturer." But this is a static pressure test.

I rather like the triangular ones LT1/2/3 as well.

And the colourful AAA lights.

Time to nail down my wallet.

They look like nice products. They just need to work on their website a bit. I wonder who they are competing with and in what price bracket.

That website hurts my eyes and is not fun to navigate.

Some things that caught my eyes:

- I like the look of many of the lights

- head diameter seems to be pretty large in proportion to the length (for example, the MX2 is 93mm long with 32mm diamter head)

- runtimes are nice and long and highest output mode (I wonder how accurate they are)

- output on modes don't seem to spaced out very well. A few lights have 230 lumens as the top, then 190, then 160, 90 and 40.

- I don't see any lights with a desirable low mode...many of the light have 40 lumens as the low.

Yes, I have yet to find a budget light that offers a so-called "moonlight" mode, I wonder if there is some technical challenge in the circuitry?

I was chatting with Richard one of Mr.Lites salespeople....i cant remember what he quoted me for the light i wanted but i think it was 30 dollars, and shipping was like 15 dollars. He goes by Richard if you have Windows Messenger.

Wonder what a bulk order of some of their lights would cost..

I'd forgotten you'd dealt with them before Al.

There lights seem to look good but its really the cost of the light and shipping that has stopped me from getting one. This was the light that i was wanting......

Why don't they show what they cost?

Im chatting with Richard now and he says if we organize a group buy the cost of the light would be a lot for how much lower i cant say.

But if you orginize a group buy

The price will be lower

much lower

alfred says:

how many lights would one have to buy

Richard says:

at least 5 pcs

Hmmm, a group buy... But wouldn't that still require individual shipping to each of our addresses (in three continents so far)? I don't think it would save us any money, although undoubtedly it would save the supplier a lot.

Yes i know what you mean.....too bad the rep isnt on to answer our questions.

Might be worth exploring if 5 or more of us want one of the lights. Does US Post still do the $5.25 international mail envelope? We have nothing like that here and our postal import duty limit is £18 (About $27 just now) whereas the US limit is as far as I know $100 or was the last time I looked. Payment might be a problem as PayPal only allows a couple of incoming payments a month on a personal account. The postal, import duty and VAT charges here would kill it off.

Big hassle for whoever organises it though.

It would be nice to own one of the lights since i dont see anyone having one.......might need to bite the bullet and get one to check out.

Thanks for your active response. There is a website: with the retail price just for your information, but no shipping cost there. For other details, you may have to get from the salesperson who are in mrlite directly.

Thank you kindly for the link......Laughing