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It's been a bit on the hectic side here lately, which means there are a few posts that I've been meaning to get up that I haven't yet. In no particular order they are:

* Testing results of the Cree MC-E. Much like the test I did with the xm-l, Oldbobk was kind enough to send me an mc-e emitter to play with. Will try to get these numbers up shortly.

* The Woot-Lite part 2. If you notice on my original post of this light, I reserved a space for future use. That time has come. What it comes down to, if you want a decent light with great runtime, get it and leave it alone. If you want a large light that offers a ton of flexability for mods, get it and play. For part 2, I easily converted one to run off of 6xAA alks that drive an xm-l over 800 lumens, and with much better throw than a P60. More importantly, this is now a light I can give to relatives so they can experience "xm-l goodness" without worrying about li-ion. Parts cost @ $26. Get one...or get 3 for $20 shipped today at (really, quit reading and go buy a few!)

*Boaz inspired me to mod my nitecore EX10 (is nothing sacred?). Here's the deal... For the cost of one NW xp-g ($7) and less than 10min mod time, this light has gone from drawer duty to edc. Seriously, it improves it that much. Initial tests show output on primaries goes from @136.8L to 191.6L and on 16340 from @187.3L to 302.2L. More importantly, beam tint is improved drastically without any loss of quality to pattern. Still a nice hotspot that blends in well with spill. Love this little light now.

*I have been experimenting with some various boost drivers recently. Did you know it's possible to get @630L off of 2 NiZn AA's driving one xm-l? Testing continues...

*Since a NW xp-g Tank E07 now seems out of the question from the factory, I've decided to make my own, along with a more permenant QTC solution. Everthing disassembled easily enough, but am now working on squeezing that little bugger in there ( the stock osram was epoxied in place with some sort of clear glue). If it turns out well, expect a post on it. If not, I'll be hiding all evidence of even trying Tongue out .

Hard at work,


Hey Match, was this just a led swap with the stock driver. im purchasing the led from KD or SB so ill be doing this too.

something to look forward to from Matchworks.


Youl need to provide more info [pictures] on that EX10 mod ...

Yup. The EX10 was just a straight emitter swap. I used the 16mm NW one available from shiningbeam. I didn't think to take any pics of it (I know I know...), but when I get a chance I'll open it back up and snap a few. Very straight forward mod.

does that led need to be grinded down or does it fit exactly?


The one from KD has a thicker base than the original bases used in the nitecores.

Im speaking from experience from swapping the emitters on the D10s. The EX10 is a variant of, and could be described as the sightly more straight forward one.

The EX10 mod is a simple mod where you remove the bezel retaining ring, and with it you remove the window, and reflector. Try to keep these together to reduce dust ingress. One these are removed, the pill should come out next as a single unit.

The emitter should be clearly visible. The nitecores have Plenty of room for the emitter base, I think fitting up to a 15mm base. (maybe more, 15 was a safe guess)

The neutrals I bought had the 12.8mm base, and these were notably thicker than the original base. You will need to confirm if this is the case with the emitter you will be replacing it with. The significance of this difference affects how well the retaining ring will tighten down, because any increase in thickness will prevent the retaining ring fully seating, i.e. creating a gap between the ring and the head.

In the case of the D10s, the thickness of the base affected the piston switch throw, which in some cases were advantageous because I don't really like the excessive throw distance on the XP-E based nitecores. For my other nitecores, I did a simple emitter/base swap, where I put the new led onto the original base. Reflowing emitters is doable with a steady hand, fine tweezers, "helping hands" (aligator clips on a stand) and a good 60+ more watter soldering iron.

Here is a picture of the XP-E based Nitecore Defender Infinity. This was a picture of the pill before I swapped the emitter to the KD 4B Neutral XP-G.

The pill size here is 12.8mm. The base of the original is thinner than the replacement. In the context of the NDI, it prevented the head tightening against the body neatly. I ended up swapping emitter/bases and it fits perfectly.

This pill is the same in the D10s, and in the EX10, the threaded section is not threaded. Everything else is the same

Thanks for explaining that okwchin. will try it as soon as i get the led.

Thanks Match, I got 3 of the woot light. The wife things will have something to said once she see this month bill. But this is for education purpose.

You'll like em. Even stock, they're comparable to the led maglites in output...but if you plan on modding them that's where these shine.

Match, I want info on that driver powering an xm-l from the two AA batteries. 8)

Hi Match,

When I receive them, I will do the part 1 of your mod. First mod ever. We will see. I will get the kids to join in too. Thanks again for showing us all your others beautiful works. By the way, I have a mini mag, 2 of the 1.68 special waiting for me. So, let see what happen.