Some ReyLight on sale

Please kindly check the website, thank you.

Ordered a pineapple copper.
Looks beautiful, many thanks.

Thanks for the head’s up! Been thinking of picking up another high cri Reylight for a while now. The moonlight on my pineapple mini is killer. I have the old twisty style with the 219b, and it’s my favorite light as far as tint and brightness go. Any chance you’re getting any more 219b’s in? I was going to grab one of the pineapple mini’s, but looks like it’s only available in sst20. Now to decide between the copper LAN or copper Pineapple in 219c. Probably going to have to be the Pineapple; less trit slots that I “need” to order filled, lol. Hard to say no to the lines of the LAN, but also hard to resist ordering it full of trits. Thank you for the sale Rey!

Sorry there will be no 219B for the copper clicky mini. But I am thinking to do new batch of brass and Ti, that could take 3+ months.

The Ti Lan is still my favorite AA flashlight. The copper looks great. The only reason I didn’t buy it was because the mcpcb was glued to the shelf. Is this still the case with this one?

Yes, it is the same case. The mcpcb is glued to prevent any movement that might break the wire when assembling.

Is that just the copper or is the Ti LAN MCPCB glued as well?

Both glued, including brass pineapple and copper mini.

Dang. I’ve been wanting to pick up a brass Pineapple to drop in a 2700K LH351D but I’m glad I saw this first.

If you’re going to swap emitters, wouldn’t a little hot air loosen the glue same as it will the solder?

The copper Dawn is not on sale but I notice for the first time it is available with sw45k 9080 219B’s.

I haven’t tried it on a Reylight, but I have removed many glued MCPCBs with just some careful prying. I don’t like them glued, but it’s usually just a small slow down not a roadblock.

I’m hoping to put something with higher R9 in mine, so I guess we’ll see how hard it is to take out.

The glued mcpcb in the brass pineapple was very easy to break. Easy mod.

Thanks for letting me know, it seems it might be less of a issue than i thought.

I was going to ask how you changed the LED, no need now :slight_smile: There’s a chance i’ll sell it on now to fund a Ti LAN.

That was a real nice pineapple. And later batches of the sst-20 3000k did not look as good as the one got in there. Maybe just go for both :slight_smile:

I tried removing the mcpcb in my brass Pineapple by using a cigarette lighter and prying. No luck. I actually deformed the shelf.

Thanks for mentioning and warning others. Maybe I was lucky…

Rey, is there an easy way to remove the glue for modding purposes?

It is, but it’s one or the other. I also have a standard Pineapple and that would have to go too.

I’m new to reylights, and am getting in the brass pineapple. Is there a bezel to remove? I’m assuming that’s how you are getting into the mcpcb to remove it? I just did an emitter swap in my e03 xeno, which seems may be a similar size to the pineapple and LAN? 98mm x 21mm