Somebody have this clone of Rat1 from Aliexpress?

Hy guys, I’m thinking to buy one of this knive: Ontario Rat1 23,49$ or Ontario Rat1 19$
(the first seller have a lot of feedback too) because here in Italy the original cost double: 42 euros (plus 8/10 euro shipping cost)!! It is like 55/58 bucks! :~
You guys are lucky, because Amazon sell the Ontario Rat 1 at 25$….But Amazon don’t sell knives in Italy…shit!

Well, excuse me for all this words…Anybody have buy this clone/replica of this knife? How it is?
Thank you so much

I feel your pain, Amazon won’t sell knives in the U.K.either. For sellers that ship from China you can contact them and they’ll usually sell to you but that’s no good for the RAT1. It costs around €50 ($58) in the U.K. with the RAT2 slightly cheaper.
I’ve been looking at the RAT1 clones but always see something else that I want more. I’ve got another Paramilitary2 clone on the way. :wink:
The first one you linked to - DongCheng Outdoors Co., Ltd. - I have bought from and no problems. They also sell their own brand, DC knives. There’s some seriously nice knives in their store, way out of my price range but some inexpensive ones as well.

Is this one?


This is from exduct, probably where you saw it. If so they are hard work but you will get your knife.


Actually I don’t think it is exduct.


To Spain amazon do not sell too :_(
A lot of good and cheap american brands i can not buy at good price. Knives are a pain for europeans.

That’s absurd, because for For the same money I could buy an original knife!! |(
I have no problems with clones, but if an original Ontario Rat 1 cost me 25$ and the same bucks from Aliexpress, well…
The same thing with Spyderco Tenacious… :frowning:

same old story :bigsmile:

Thank you for this info!

The link do not work on my pc, sorry. But Exduct now is not so cheap. The prices of some SRM knives are very high. I think Fasstech is better.

I’ve been keeping a Model II and a Model I Rat under my targetting radar for a while. Some Ebay sellers have (presumably) the original for around $27 plus $13 shipping, from the US. Buying two just raises the shipping by $3 so it isn’t totally bad idea to have Model II and Model I at the same time with $8 shipping. I have been waiting for the last few knives in the mail to see if they pass through our customs without problems.

Then this Aliexpress sale brought a $15 lower cost per item. The pictures show a knife very close to the original if not original. I also would love to hear if one of us tried and compared the original vs this sellers knife.

Thank you for the info. Wow 8$ shipped are very cheap!! Can you tell us the name of the seller?
When they arrive, put some pictures, please (and tell us if they pass trough the custom without payong more $)

I know that White Mountain Knives on eBay have very low shipping.

Well it is actually 13USD shipping but if you buy two pieces of small knives the shipping increases by only a 3USD and makes 16USD for two. The seller’s store is Rnkcity, eric* as the seller. You can search Cold Steel models and keep in mind to check international sales too. You’ll soon reach the seller. Check if the items you pick make a discount in combined shipping. Shipping sum usually drops automatically. You may also check with sellers and ask if the combine shipping before you make a combined order.

Thank you very much, guys! :smiley:
Now I will take a look for sure!