Someone go help this guy out-newbie

You know it's gonna get the ax-I invited him over here. He could use us!


i posted an invite to check BLF

i checked the post and it has not posted or was removed, sad

Your invite was posted. I just checked. :)

Definitely needs to come over here.

my posts and account were deleted

no soup for me !

It works, and the link to BLF still shows (amazing!)

You know, if the ownership at CPF was smart, they would make BLF an offer that sb56637 could not refuse, and just make the "Budget Lights Forum" on CPF a direct link to BLF. Give sb a piece of the action and guarantee that he is the sole mod on the BLF forum, win-win.

The problem is they'll lose the rest of their sponsorship once people stop buying the overpriced stuff. I really can't imagine needing a better light than these new xml's, or tank/romisen for smaller lights.

What we need to do here is to get enough mass (any folks here do some wholesale/retailing?) that we can get some small companies to do our bidding for tweaks and stuff. Tank seems like doing us a favor or something, when if they're smart they'd sell directly on amazon where they can probably unload a few hundred thousand usd/month easily if they play their cards right.