someone please help me with my most wanted flashllight.

hello, anyone know where i can get a nicely driven shallow reflectored light?

only expectation is that it has to use 18650 cells. it can be one or two cells max.
and it needs a shallow reflector.
i have a few nicely driven lights such as the hd2010, keygos ke-5, kaidomain c8.
but they all have pretty deep reflectors.

please can i get help from all you guys…there are plenty out there, but i dont want to do the mistake on buying one thats not properly driven well. because i will be purchasing about 5 of these lights.

Hi blue. Why are you specifically asking for a shallow reflector? Are you after a floodier beam pattern?

yes i am

I think you’re looking for a good floody pocket light, so outside the realm of mules, which have no reflector, you’ll want something like the Ultrafire t-50

You don't want an aspheric like the UF-T20? Then you need a smaller reflector light like the UF-2100 or HD2011.


i thought about getting that uf t50 before, but since i will be getting 5 of these lights, thats not so budget anymore.
but if there are no other options, then i will second think that.

and i actually own a modded uf t20. which i absolutely love. but i dont think a stock uf t20 will meet my standard. and i bought that modded one from a member here and i dont know how to mod myself.

and i already own a hd 2011, and e3120 2100, but i wanted something more throwy than those tubed lights

Hmmm . . . I'm at a loss. Throwy and floody . . . something multi-emitter? But then again, hard to do on a budget.


Would a multi emitter light be suitable?

Isn't there a 5xXR-E Q5 light? (WF-500 or something, I know DX sells the drop-in module.)


Ah, like this WF-1200L. How's that?


throw , floody and budget?.. Trustfire 3T6 comes to mind somewhere around $28- $34 can be easily modded :slight_smile:

Yep, I have one and love it. This is a beam shot of my WF-500 with the upgraded 5xXR-E Q5 drop-in. But I don’t know if the beam is floody enough for the OP.

Hmm...C8 too throwy and UF2100 too floody...I'm shocked no one has mentioned the good old 502b xm-l until now.

Yup - beat me to it. Was going to suggest XML in P60 format. Should be between C8 and UF2100.

Edit: I received two WF-502B’s from Fasttech yesterday. They will be gifted to my mechanic. Love the 2 mode (High & Low). I would feel really bad if the flashy modes gave my mechanic a seizure. :cry:

Fandyfire g36? Weren’t they being knocked out cheap recently? Maybe fasttech?

One of the XML Convoys @ Fasttech should fit the request for floody and inexpensive, unless you just want a cheaper T6. Pick your current draw and I’d also say skip the shiny bezel.

EDIT: ah, read back that the 2100 was too floody. What’s between an XML C8 and a 2100. Maybe a P60 XML light?

i would recommend an uniquefire c108s

it’s $14.17 now, it has been $11.34-11.99 with earlier promotions. i ordered both a hd2011 and this uniquefire, and i much more prefer the uniquefire! it feels solid and good, and has an xm-l u2. it has quite bright spill, and a bit more concentrated hotspot than the hd2011 but by no means like my C8 with q5 emitter. my favorite general purpose light… if you’re really interested i guess i could do a comparison between the c108s and the hd2011.
here’s a beamshot from wallbuys homepage:

I have a uniquefire c108 and I like it a lot. It’s not the same as pictured, but a c8 size instead. Way better than the ultrafire and trustfire I have/had

You need to get yourself a XIAOUZHI

mine is as pictured… so i guess the c108 without ‘s’ is a different model than the c108s that i have :slight_smile:

here’s the link to it btw:—5555