Something cheap for flashlight tag?

I’ve organized a lockin at my church and I thought I would be nice if the kids had a light to take home. The lights would need to be here by June 2’nd and preferably cheap.

I’m not sure what exactly is ‘cheap’ to you, but how about this one? It’s got a lot of good reviews…

Runs on AA’s so it’s quite safe for the younger ones :slight_smile:

I’ve recently brought some of these as a prize for my scouts. No batteries needed so can use all night and to bright enough to do damage.

I have one of those that I bought from amazon. It works pretty good does anybody have a code for bangood? I need about 10 of them. Or maybe another site?

I turn my head to the left and I realize I own one of these. I will have to go out to church tonight and do some tests.

Going to bed now, I work nights so don’t expect any replies for awhile. BTW I am in the USA.

BLF is the common 8 % (if I remember correctly) code on Banggood

Kind regards

If you’re planning to buy that from banggood look elsewhere.

the cheapest sipik clone in banggood had horrible machine marks and a fake chinese cree LED in it.

I’d choose this for a similar price

Or if you want to be sure you’re getting something decent, go with RMM mtnelectronics for $5.39
and avoid the inevitable surprises and frustration of the china lottery experience.

or for less sharp edges, this one: Review: Ultrafire zoomie from Banggood

But actually I’d agree with Power above’s second link — look it up as the “#3 zoomie” — that is a good choice, if you put the money you save into putting an Energizer Lithium primary with each of them.
That way the kids will get a long-lasting light and it won’t dissolve into crap like the alkalines inevitably will.

Thing about LED lights is — they’re still shining brightly while the alkaline leakage is already starting, so kids don’t check and find the problem.
With incandescent emitters, the battery would go low and the light visibly dim, usually before the alkaline leak started, so it would get noticed.