Something similar to the Shiningbeam Blaze??

I bought several before Bryan closed up but is there something comparable to the Blaze for $50???

I don’t have an answer but I do have a question of my own. Did anyone (who has such skills—not I) ever figure out how to switch emitters?

Not me. I have one the tail switch went bad and I can’t seem to get it apart to fix…

Are you having issues with taking the retaining ring off? I can’t recall which direction loosens it but I didn’t have any problems taking the switch out the last time I did it.

There’s been a number of posts on how to take the head apart but I haven’t seen any responses on how to do it. I wish someone would do so since I’d also like to put in a warmer emitter. The Blaze is under-driven for it’s size compared to lights today but I really like the UI and it’s build quality.

Seems like I could not see how it came apart but I’ll grab it again tomorrow and let you know. I rarely encounter anything mechanical that I can’t disassemble……

Bad memory….it’s something in the head portion. Bad LED?? I’ll work on disassembling it……

Please let us know how you get the head apart. I think a number of us would like to be able to replace the LED with something warmer (I for sure want to).

Good luck!

No luck yet….I wonder if it is pressed in? It’s no good to me as is so I will get it apart just may be a week or so before I can get to a press….

This site has a bit of information on it and it implies that the bezel/reflector/lens are a single unit but that’s not the case with mine. I can easily get the bezel off but the reflector won’t come out no matter what I do.

I missed this one when it was posted and it also shows the bezel/reflector as a single unit.

From the pics it looks like the driver is held in by a retaining ring so that should be easy enough to get out once the reflector is removed.

I can’t get the reflector assembly to unthread. Nowhere to grab, no notches.

Exactly the same problem I had :frowning:

Oh well….I may try again when I have more time. Glad I have two more…lots of good lights for same money but I really like the Blaze UI. Plus I hate just pitching something that could easily be fixed…

I am going to order a couple Ultrafires for fun…