Somewhere that i can buy fully de-domed Xml's?

Looking for fully de-domed xml leds (sealed) to buy for some nice throwing projects, does anybody if it’s possible to buy some from somewhere?
Doesn’t want to try myself, probably only gonna trash them… :slight_smile:

Maybe some private members. They are not available from factory. Gasoline works great for dedoming..

Gasoline When you de-dome? Put the led in gasoline?

Yup. There are some fluids that work well, but it depends on the ingredients, so you cant know for sure. Acetone is not the same everywhere for example.. gasoline works slow but well.

could you explain the gasoline method?

yes, I tried to de-dome one led… and I failed…
it did work, but I saw a bit silicone left on the edge, so took it off, and then the light didnt come on anymore

Check with Scaru. He can probably supply them in matched sets of 7 each. Dedomed by superheated vaporization.

heheh… scaru, the man that saw the light. for a second. he was blinded by a white wall

I filled a schnaps glass with gasoline, dropped the XML in it and when I looked at it 12 hours later, the dome fell of and almost all of the silicone was gone, except for a little bit around the bond wires. Dont try to scrape it off, you will kill the bond wires. ;)

does gasoline affect the phosphor layer or substrate in any way?

I'm certainly no expert on this, but the way I do them is in an electric skillet.

I set the die in there and turn it on like I was gonna reflow but without the PCB. About 375F is where I set the skillet. It needs to cook a minute or two so the dome pops off easy and doesnt leave much behind.

I pull it off with a pair of hemos, you just have to make sure the wires are pointing up if your hemos pinch from the sides.

To remove what little residue is left, while its still hot I run a tooth pick around the edge of the platform ( not on the die). Just stay away from the side where the wires are.

Use gasoline or acetone as stated above. No reason to hack it off with a knife or rip it off with a pliers, unless you just have to have it right now.

What’s the octane rating?

Sorry, I had to ask.Wink

You're a brave soul, crazy, but brave. Just don't forget and drink what's in the schnaps glass.Surprised

I just pop the dome off by pinching a little with two finger nails and pull up very fast. Works pretty good so far.

I was thinking the same thing. Kinda seems like the gas would leave a film on the die to (like when you spill it in water).

I'd like to see a controlled test done on the two methods. Output before de-doming on each emitter then output afterward.

scaru said gasoline took off some of his phosphor. I haven’t heard anything bad about using acetone, but I don’t have any so I just pry off mine.

Yeah, it's been a while since I tried to dissolve the stuff off of it. I personally have found that a bit of denatured alcohol also will work fine. I'll admit I am the only person I know of to have a problem with it so I say go ahead with it and give it a shot.

I heat up the sides of dome with a soldering iron and gently pry it with a screwdriver. Great success rate so far.

I soak it in petrol overnight then take it out with pliers and blow the small dusty bits of silicone off.

The dome comes off within the first hour, but its the rest that seems to take the time. It doesnt all come off at once in the petrol.

Have done heaps now, after stuffing 5 up with the heating method.


Seems easy… in Sweden we call it T-Röd. :slight_smile: