Sorry But You Guys That Do Reviews Can't Do Them Like This

Take a look and you will see what I mean.

Hahahahaha !!!!!

You're right - I don't have the equipment to review in that fashion.

I forgot what we were actually reviewing! LOL!

someday, when I have my own gun shop, I will have a nice, knowledgeable salesperson, just like that reviewer, behind the counter.

good reviews! very likeable lady. i would buy fenix from her :*

This one time , at flashlight camp ....

Hahahah! Ditto but I would still take that as only "a nice try" since most of folks get boners only from lumen readings & specs :D

You summed it up right there, that was great...

As usual, Jack nailed it.

What was she talking about?


I didn't noticed... :D

I like her looms!


elbows too pointy

Cute? Sure. But she looked liked she was being forced to do the review while being held at gun point; especially in that 1st vid.

I want her to review a 3D Maglite! She can say pronounce lumens as lumes all she wants :wink:

I really like her looms!

Now... how do I persuade my g/f to do a flashlight review.... *thinks hard*

She's an English professor, with a British accent, and with not so pointy elbows. ;)

I have a Mag 5D and DRY and Keygos M12 and ....

The options are endless. :D

Yeah her looms are nice... mine are better though... Perfect, round, symmetric

Quaaaadruple looms...

hey now..this is a family site!

edited for you..

Pounder, I LMAO with your censorship bar.

I was writing to say Samantha gives new meaning to flashlight porn :)