Sorta leaves me speechless

What leaves me speechless? That 49 of these have sold!

And someone thought enough of this non-deal to post it on Fat Wallet!

Some people just don’t know any better. Some one should post a comment asking about how it compares to one of the BLF Delights.

What’s even funnier is that when I click the link, Intl Shipping comes up as $37 (to UK). Very reasonable …not :wink:

That wins the the ” lamest flashlight award!”

>>>>>What’s even funnier is that when I click the link, Intl Shipping comes up as $37 (to UK).

Oh man, that’s pricelss (pun intended).

95 sold now! Better grab some before they all go! :open_mouth:

Haha, 101 sold and rising :bigsmile: A must have? :open_mouth:

can you even mod a plastic light? lol


Gas and a match work the best.

That would be a fine picture for ChicagoX’s battery give away.

Man I need these… :bigsmile:

That style of flashlight is all that people have ever seen in these parts where I live. Pull out a BLF DeLight and people are left speechless.

Looks like a streamlight

Seeing that post from Don makes me miss posts from Don.


Same here. Don, if you’re reading this, please give us a holler!

I put a Q5 and 1A 7135 in a Duracell 2xAA converted to 3xAAA. Works great. I’ll mod anything I can lay my hands on. Most of my flashlight mods have been plastic. Just the high power bike lights are metal. Biggest plastic: Pelican King-D 8-D cell modded for 3x3 Q5 w/3 cute-3 spots and 3xMCE w/3x20mm floods. 30-4/5 sub c cells 15s2p and a Taskled Hipflex. Water cooled inside(1 1/4”copper tube filled with water)and out(ocean). This was a real gorilla mod. I’d be embarrassed to show it but it works. :bigsmile:

I do still have a few of these around the house.