SoShine 26650 LifePO4's - Safer In Multi-cell Use?

So I was perusing FastTech's site and noticed SoShine 26650 LifePO4's (protected too and I've never heard of protected LifePO4's). Assuming these cells test for good capacity, wouldn't these be a nice safer option for multi-cell lights (where you can use enough cells to get your voltage high enough for the driver - i.e. in lights that run on 2 or 3 cells, you could use 3 LifePO4's. LifePO4's generally put out more current too, right?


yes, lifepo is a very safe chemistry compared to li-ion. assuming that the driver in a multi cell light has a working voltage low enough for these to be useful

I'm thinking Trustfire TR-J12 or TR-J18 type lights which are (2) or (3) 26650 configurations.


should work fine i would think, as long as theres no low voltage protection built in to them
Cell voltage = min. discharge voltage = 2.8 V. Working voltage = 3.0 V – 3.3 V. Max. charge voltage = 3.6 V.
but lower is says
Voltage limits: 2.0 – 3.65 V

my rcr123a lifepos are usually around 2.5v resting when i feel them noticeable dropping in output in my ecig

I didn’t know LiFeFo4 cells even needed to be protected. Nice find.

I purchased 4 of these cells direct from Soshine for a slight discount yesterday. My 4Sevens 26650 charger can switch between 3.6v or 4.2 volt cells. So I’m hoping the 3.6v setting will be okay for LiFePO4’s. The other thing, as Pulsar pointed out, I’ll have to see which lights they work in correctly, if any at all due to the lower voltage they run at. I’ll let you all know what happens.

Yes, post back your findings.


I have 4sevens charger and Soshine 26650. No problem charging them. Batteries are dated 07/07/2012. On the wrapper it says:
“Charge: Standard 0.6A Rapid 3A to 3.6V”
Max continuous discharge: 15A. Cut-off 2.0V”

I use them in Trustfire A8 BLF Edition. Works like a charm.

I don’t know the real capacity, no way to measure it unfortunately.

How are you using it in the BLF A8 if they only put out around 3.2v under load? I wouldn't expect it would produce a lot of output (at least not long).


Hi Paranid, So it looks like these LiFePo4 cells will work out well then. Thanks for chiming in. :wink:

Well they are around 3.5V when fresh off the charger and 3V empty. I didn’t do runtimes yet.
LiFePO4s can pump out a lot of current though.

I also have X-Power (1x26650 or 2x26650) LINK on order. I shall see how it runs with 2x26650 LifePO4s.

Emily from Soshine shipped the 4 cells to me this afternoon. She said I should have them in 7 days.

Looks like there will be a very long delay before I get these cells. After the Soshine company dropped them off at the post office, they were accidently mis-sent to England rather than to me in New York…LOL. I caught the mistake when tracking them, but it was to late.

I was told by the company Rep, they’ll be returned to them in Hong Kong and then reshipped to me. Not the correct way to handle it if you ask me, but I guess this is what happens when trying to save a lousy $8.00 on 4 cells rather than purchasing them from FastTech in the first place. I should have just told them to let them stay in England and deliver them to Gord’s house…LOL

I’ll know next time |(

Hi folks,

Just received my 4 x Soshine LifePO4 26650 cells direct from Soshine today. Each cell was exactly 3.31 volts. I topped each of them off to 3.57 volts and tossed 3 of them into my Trustfire AK-47 9x T6 light, which has been updated with the Kaidomain 3-Mode driver.

On HIGH mode, it pulled 5.35 amps at the tailcap, normal amps on High with standard 26650 cells is 5.60 amps.

It would only run for about 20 seconds on High and turn off, but works well on the two lower settings. Obviously the drivers low voltage protection was kicking in. I’m going to try them out in a few of my other less powerful lights and see what happens.

I think scaru reported that they have a pretty flat discharge curve. It seems like 2 of them driving an MT-G2 might be a good match. I’m hearing mixed opions of weather the Nanjg 105c’s can handle that much voltage on the low and medium modes.

Speaking of the flat discharge curve, perhaps the best thing to compare LiFePO4 to is NiMH. Like NiMH, LiFePO4 starts out at a relatively high voltage, drops to a plateau, stays at that plateau for the bulk of the discharge cycle, and then abruptly drops when the battery is discharged. It sounds like the light works fine when the voltage is initially high, but cuts back output as the voltage drops to the plateau.

Might try some of these but need a Lifepo4 chargers for 26650.
Any recommendations for Lifepo (or switchable 3.2v/3.6v) charger than can handle the 26650’s?

So basically any Lifepo charger that can handle 18650’s :wink:

-Jamie M.

4sevens has single bay charger that can handle 26650 LiFePO4s.