Soshine 3400mAh 18650 Cells.

I found a pretty good deal on a pair of Soshine 3400mAh 3.7 Li-Ion 18650 cells. Anyone have any opinions good or bad about them?

I’ve never dealt with 18650 cells before and was wondering if they’re any good?

What is the good deal?

3400mah is the standard panasonic NCR18650B cells - which are arguably the best for that capacity.

However it depends on the protection circut that Soshine is using.

accoriding to this post over at CPF

HJK (our resident battery expert) stated that

Personally, I would pick up some other 3400mah cell that are known to be great.

Like these similar 3400mah cells that are known to be good quality with quality protection circuits.

In my opinion at least.

Thanks for that FMcamaroZ28. Looks like my “good deal” wasn’t such a good deal after all. The link you gave for those Panasonics is a better deal than I found and seem to be better cells than the Soshines.

In general and with few exceptions, stay away from lithium cells made in China. They can be dangerous, inconsistent, counterfeited, have far lower charge cycles and are usually grossly overrated. Most of them probably belong in a recycle bin before ever being used, but they do make for some pretty descent slingshot ammo! :bigsmile:

Again, thanks for the link FM. I’m new to 18650 cells and recently got a 2X18650 light. These Panasonics look great and the price is REALLY great. Wish I would have seen these earlier. I ordered 2 Nitecore NL189 3400mAh and they were TWICE the price of these.

I purchased altogether 8 Soshine 3400mAh from DX since July 2013.
They’re really good.

Best point is the PCB at the positive pole. This makes them exceptionally slim and short for protected ones because there is no wire from the positive to the negative pole: 18.3mm(!) x 68.6mm

There’s a thread on the german flashlight forum ( with lots of pictures and data.
In short:

length: 68.6mm
diameter: 18.3mm (widest point)
undervoltage lockout: 2.43V (measured at 0.5A)
overcurrent cutoff at 7.5A (measured fully charged and also at 3.5V idle voltage).
internal resistance: 80mOhm (measured at 3-4A)

To overcome the low overcurrent cutoff of 2.5A of the protection IC, they use 3 ICs in parallel.

Measured PCB data:
Standby current 4.30-4.70µA in the voltage range 2.4-4.2V. That amounts to 3.3mAh per month or about 1% of the cell’s capacity per year. Totally neglegible.
Below 2.4V the PCB cuts off and consumes less than 0.01µA.
Overvoltage cutoff is at 4,290V.

I also bought 4 of these protected Soshine 3400mah from for my Noctigon Meteor M43 XP-L to secure everything a little bit more and what can I say: they have the right (short) size and work like a charm - even on turbo with NO cuts!! This means the build- in protection circuit does a good job! :wink:
Build quality is very good & sturdy and they have the production date printed on (15.04.2015)!