Soshine 3600 mAh battery

I suppose it’s just a rewrap of something like 35E/18650GA/MJ1 and not something that genuinely has more capacity, right?

Soshine battery`s never test to rated capacity 3400-3500mah at the most i guess if it`s real.


The are real, they use Sanyo/Panasonic NCR18650GA 3450mAh cells and Soshine puts the protection circuit on the plus pole of the battery. This makes the battery safer since there is no sensitive contact running down the side of the batteries. It also makes them slimmer which increases compability with different lights.

For the price (11€ here in Germany) they are basically the best on the market (if one wants a protected high-capacity cell). The other comparable cells all seem to be at least a little bit more expensive.

Here is a test.
They are good up to 5A.

^ You say Germany, I’m thinking Enerpower. :sunglasses:

Well yes, Enerpower offers protected cells which can deliver much more current, but they are also noticeably expensive.

I don’t know why, but prices are significantly reduced, check out the VC+ models with new low voltage sag PCB (22 Euro for two pieces):

(Sorry Agro for changing the subject; hope this information is useful for you nevertheless)

Ok, in that case it depends on what is important to the OP.

I’m looking for unprotected cells really; If soshine got some new cells not yet available elsewhere that would really be above GA/35E/MJ1 I would consider buying them (and possibly stripping protection + rewrapping). If they don’t have such thing, I don’t care.
Thanks for your responses.

No, they don’t.
Check out They have many modern unprotected cells for low prices.

I buy Soshine only when it comes to LiFePo cells. They’re cheap and are at least advertising reasonable capacity for their cells instead going like 10,000mAh ultrafire style.

Just to reiterate: Soshine is the only manufacturer that puts the protection PCBs on the plus pole of their 18650 batteries. These should be the slimmest protected batteries on the market.
Here are some pics where a guy in the German TLF forum removed the wrapper of one of the older 3400mAh models.