"Soup can" light/host with 2s 2p, or with battery cases that can be modded?

Is there a soup can light or host that takes 4 x 18650 side by side, but in a 2s + 2p configuration?

Edit: Also, what soup can lights are there with battery cases in them, such as the one on this light (sorry for CPF link): http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?382301
Modding one of these cases might be relatively easy.

No, but you can mod one using 8 x 18350.

Not interested in that option that all. I’d be more keen to mod the battery case of the light. Take a look at this light’s battery case, something like this to mod is an option I’d be much more interested in (sorry for CPF link): http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?382301

It seems the easiest way to go would be a cell holder that fits in the existing stock battery tube. Seems to be enough vertical space. Probably wouldn't need to be too strong as the battery tube itself could support it from almost every angle.

The original SRK drivers appear to be buck drivers. They may work fine without modification.

Edited the question and topic to include battery cases.

Actually there is a almost soupcan light with the battery configuration you are interested in, 2S2P. It is the Niteye Eye40 which is more the four separate reflectors and lenses in a square cluster configuration, similar to the BlackShadow Terminator, the Nitecore TM26 and the Imalent you linked to. Head size is very close to the Terminator and larger than the TM26 or Imalent. It uses a battery holder similar to some lights from Fenix, Thrunite and Jetstream but in the 2S2P configuration you are interested in. The light has a number of unusual features for the class including a battery charge indicator, magnetic ring mode selection, removable handle and internal charging of batteries capability.

Review link:

Illumn currently has a few left on clearance for the best price I have ever seen. Still not cheap though.


Based on the photos and text the Imalent battery holder you linked to seems to be a 4S configuration.

Thanks for the suggestion, it’s the first 2s 2p I’ve seen so far, but it’s way over my budget just as the Imalent is. I’m looking for a cheap light as I’d be tearing it apart and not using much of what’s left of the internals.

The Imalent is indeed a 4s config but the case appears fairly easy to mod, but I won’t be finding out though. I’m hoping to find a cheap light with this kind of casing that I can try modding (if not 2s 2p already).

2S2P lights seem to be scarce. The Fenix TK61, TK76 and TK75 are such designs but neither inexpensive or soup can designs. The only other soup can light that I know of that even has a battery holder is a discontinued Zebralight that was very compact and expensive. Inexpensive soup can lights are typically going to be 4P configuration as it is the simplest and cheapest way to go and allows a relatively simple and inexpensive driver design too. For them a battery holder is an added unwanted expense and complication in their price range. A battery holder is also another thing to go wrong and most of the makers do not offer replacements, a dumb move on their part IMO. Fenix is an exception.

Even most of the high end soup can lights use that arrangement, the Niteye and Imalent being the exceptions. I would expect it would be hard to do a conversion of one of the inexpensive lights to the wanted configuration due to room restraints in the battery compartment of the flashlight and needing to change the battery contact plate on the light head.


Interesting light. Can’t see if it’s 2s 2p anywhere in the specs, but perhaps moddable if not. I’ll have to email them for the price though, can’t find it anywhere.

The battery carrier appears to have springs on every other contact, which is a very good sign that it's set up for 2S2P.

My biggest problem with this light is that the switch is almost guaranteed to be on the driver, and worse, there might not be enough space to use the existing driver as a contact board with a floating driver. I'd like to learn more about this light.

The Imalent I linked to looks like that also, but it’s 4s.

Have you seen a price anywhere for this light? I’ve searched but can’t find any price at all.