Source for 16mm board for generic emitters?

I'm trying to find a source for 16mm boards for the "fried-egg" style generic emitters like these...

...but have been unsuccessful. My UV P60 drop-in has this style emitter like the one in Budgeteer's review here:

... so they do manufucture the boards. I have not been able to locate the 16mm boards, or generic LEDs mounted on 16mm boards to salvage. Typically, the generic LEDs are mounted on 20mm star boards. I'm wanting to build a couple of drop-ins using generic emitters, so can anyone suggest a source for the 16mm boards?

dx has these 16mm boards

65pcs for 5.80$

0.089$ per 1 board. pretty cheap.

Not bad considering I need two of these. I wouldn't mind ordering 5 or 10, but 65 is a bit more than I need... Laughing

I just found these as well...

A five-pack of 1W generic emitters on boards; $3.10 so I could save a couple of bucks and just toss the junk emitters...