Source for new TIR throw optics?

Oh? I didn’t see a quantity count and just assumed 1 pc each. Seems like the second link doesn’t ship them wrapped individually, resulting in scratches

Now there is an optic in lumintop x1L that can be put in x9L… just needs holes drilled in mcpcb

Great to see the optics available now! How about the boards? Are there any around that have those three holes for centering?

One of those is about the size of a C8 reflector, a coupla mm wider (can be shaved down, if it even needs it) and a few mm shorter (3mm thick cover-glass should make up about half that, and a dtp spacer can make up the rest).

I got both of these optics from this shop. They arrive all in one plastic bag per type. The two plastic bags were wrapped in bubble foil. I don’t see any big scratches on the optics.

The 35mm lens is a little different from the one in the Manker MC13. I didn’t try the optics with a led so far as I need to find a suitable host, led and MCPCB.

Gaggione and Carclo both have narrow beam TIRs.

I’m really interested in something in the 55-65mm range that’s optimized for 5050 or smaller high power LEDs. Whatever lens that is in the L19 is what I’m after. Hitting 400+kcd in a 60mm bezel (so ~54-55mm optic) is what I’m targeting. That’s reflector level cd/lm but with a much softer and dimmer spill beam. Looking to pair it with an SFT-40 and hit 300kcd with a broad spot and ~2000lumens.

Dredging this up. No better (no spill) options than the L17? I’d love something like Mateminco mt18s with minimal spill.

Seems like a new optic on the scene. Similar dimensions to the 40mm bezel class TIRs, but smaller center feature. Difference between the 2.5 and 3.5 degree version is the optic holder. The 2.5 degree variant sits 0.6mm lower it seems.

Hopefully it’s not too late to necro this thread…

I, too, would love to find a super-narrow-beam TIR that would fit a Convoy C8 or clone. Looking to make a light saber for a friend. No spill!

(I’m thinking a NW XP-G3 at ~5A, minimal # of modes, no blinkies; but I know I’m out of date re: the latest hot set-up.)

Anything smaller than ~38mm O.D. would fall OTF. The OD of the bell is ~44mm. It looks like ~40mm is the one I need. Not sure yet how deep, but w/o the 40mm it doesn’t matter.

Anyone found a 40mm TIR yet? I’m not allergic to reducing one, but can’t find those either.

Thankfully hoping…

Or I could just cut a copper slug to fit the depth perfectly.

I wish I knew which “of those” you found…

For a lightsaber you need an aspheric. But here is a 38mm tir: TIR

Hard to recall context, but AX has a whole assload of sellers, but the listings are shiite.

I did find one place that had the TIR I wanted, only sold them in lots of 50 or 100 or something ridiculous like that, but would send 1-2 “samples” if I’d give them business information and FedEx account to ship them to me.

Ummm, I had none of those, offered to send payment for shipping and the piece, etc., but never heard back.

They want Big Buyers.

ledil iris 38mm with thin tunnel and xpe size die will give you very close beam to e10, but there will be more spill. carclo 20 and 26mm have tons of spill, i tried dozens of different tirs; ledil, carclo, led engin, katod, and few more, i have not found a tir that would make a beam similar to e10, but i have not build anything for 3-4 years. maybe they became available lately, idk.