Source for new TIR throw optics?

With the new no spill, all hotspot TIR throwers on the market such as the acebeam E10, L17, and the Manker MC13, has anyone found a place to buy these newer TIR reflectors at a reasonable cost? I’d like to mod a C8 or an S2 or something of the sort for the no spill beam.

LEDiL has a bunch of different kinds. I didn’t read through all the optic options but, see if you can find something.

Aamof I just ordered some more 26mm TIRs from LEDSupply. Didn’t pay attention to the how-many-in-stock info so it’s still on backorder ’cause of 2 line-items, but I did play with a few of the narrow-spot ones, and they’re nice.

Don’t think they’re the same übertight beams like these newer lights have, but they do fit somewhat nicely into drop-in type hosts (might need a spacer, though).

Based on the below image from this reddit post about the Acebeam L17, it would seem there’s still plenty of spill to go around.

See also Acebeam’s twitter post with pictures .

Do we have any measurements comparing this TIR with a similar diameter reflector? Do have any ideas what optic it is and/or whether it’s anything different from/more special than Carclo or Ledil?

Edit: Looked into this some more. I don’t think the TIR is anything special that hasn’t already been out there. The beam pattern reminds me a lot of my S1 Baton, but more, which makes sense with a head diameter on the MC13 of 41.7mm

Yep there is some spill….the optic on my MC13 measures…

A. Diameter - 35mm……

B. Height - 23.5mm……

C. Emitter Orifice - 7.8mm (8mm)

1. Now find a mcpcb board to accept optic 3 leg pins or a centering ring that fits optic and emitter your going to use?

2. Drilled optic legs for Trits or Aux. Led Board…RGB anyone? :smiley: :+1:

hi all blf.
my first post here
to say that I think. the 35mm tir optic of the mc13
could be a kathod.PL1672UN

Close… but dimensions are not the same… and there isn’t a hole in the top of the
PL1672UN optic… just a diffusion spot?

I had a good look for them the other day and came up with what I thought were the ones used in E10, l17 etc. Made by Chinese iLenstech. Which if true, sites that state they are Carclo are incorrect! Smallest order size I found was 100 pcs.

Vinh recently said in a video that he’d like to see one of these collimating TIRs sized up to work well with SBT90.2

For anyone willing to experiment with what is available currently, judging by the diameter and depth, the TIR from the E10/L17/MC13 should fit well in the Lumintop X9L…

Would love to see if it melts the TIR, but I haven’t the budget to try with my E10 (or L17) and my X9L.


Beam angle 3 degree
Type: injection lens
Lens size: 35mm*22.1mm
Key words: Led light lens / led lens /led optical lens
LED chip: For Bridgelux/ Edison /Osram LED 3535
application for led lighting
Material for LENS : Optical grade PMMA
Lens transmittance: 93%
Work temperature: –40-120 °C

Seems like max temp is 120c. I wonder what the temp of an SBT90.2 is running at 20+A?


Seems like acebeam overexposed their photos for marketing sake. The spill is much better than a reflector based light can offer though.

I can tell you what it might smell like haha

I have the L17 and affirm that reflector lights have more spill, even a C8 with a de domed xp-l has more spill (not much more though). It is usable though.

This looks like nice 22mm optics, designed for flat LED

I’d like to see Astrolux come out with the same kind of TIR used in the Manker MC13 for the FT03.

I’d like to see larger versions of that style TIR show up.

I contacted the company selling those 3° TIR lenses asking if they’d sell just a few for evaluation purposes, and they said sure… send us your FedEx account number and they’d ship a couple.

Umm, ain’t got one, so asked if they’d ship regular post, and I’d pay, but never heard from ’em again.

Being that FedEx shipping would probably be 50-100bux, might be cheaper for someone (not me) to just get 100 and resell ’em, but…

L18 lens


Good find! Looks about right. Pricey but at least they’re available.

$18 for 5pcs and $15 for 10pcs. Not crazy, but not dirt cheap either. Ledils / Khatods of this size go for about $8/pc in my experience