Source for XM-l RGBW (Neutral White version) ?

As the title says, I’m looking for one of these LEDs, on a star PCB.

LED Tech in Germany has them, but they are as far from me as possible, so shipping costs are high

Has anyone seen one from an Asian supplier?

Its cree part number XMLCTW-A0-0000-00C2AAAB1, but I need one on an 8-pin star.


oooh, close, but not quite :frowning: Nice work finding a neutral white rather than cool (horrible blue) white!

I need the 8-pin version, though, without the common connection.


Hi, can you show the 8pin connector?
MC-E has 8pins.


No connector, just 8 solder pads.

Yes, MCE is available (even neutral white), but it is obsolete now - XML is a better LED.


So you are searching this one:

Shipping from Germany with tracking is 5.50€ if you want.