Spam comments shown only when NOT signed-in

While browsing the site from my smartphone I have noticed a spam comment, when logged in to report it, it disappeared ....

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I’m seeing the same results. Log in, it disappears. Clear browser, come back without logging in and the spam is still there. I have got to go back now and look to see if the account was banned.

Hi guys, thanks for reporting. Looks like a problem with the caching system. I cleared the cache and the removed comments should be gone now.

I was online when that spam attack happened.

I think that was the biggest spam attack (on BLF) that I've noticed in years.

Thank you Mr. Admin. Was that a documented Drupal glitch? Im glad it was an easy fix.

Hey there FlashPilot. It wasn’t exactly documented, but it makes sense why it happened (basically because I used the spam user ban system to remove all of the user’s posts in one action, which didn’t trigger the cache clear that would normally occur when a post or multiple posts get removed by the normal manual interventions).

Hey there SB. Ah, that makes sense. Thank the Good Flashlight Gods that we have such an astute admin to keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes. I understand Drupal has its challenges. I hope all is well you & family.

Dis-co-nnect! :laughing: