Spam Deterrent ?

Wow , I believe we might have a need for some way to keep some of these spammers out of here .

Any ideas ?

New member approval or Mod creation seem like a logical progression of forum growth.

Most of the forums I visit have an approval system in place . I believe it may be a necessary evil .

I copied this from another forum :

Due to the rash of spammers that have been occurring lately, all new users will be required to verify their email address, before registration is complete. Please check your Junk/SPAM folder if you do not see the verification email in your Inbox. We regret this inconvenience; however, it is necessary to keep out the idiots that actually think people go to their sites.


It might be slower for new members to get "approved" and put an extra load on admin. But it is effective.

What I see here on BLF is not daily attacks, just occasional carpet bombing.

Agreed, approval seems like a pretty painless solution. Tonight's choice of spammer is beyond ridiculous.

Really takes away from the forum experience , doesn't it .

I thought about posting a poll ...

It takes 5 different members to mark a post as spam. What if the third strike as spam removes ALL listings posted under that name? Any way to do that? I've never had to defend against spam before, so I'm not sure what to do.

When I read the title I was imagining more direct methods, ie painting 'die spammers' on a roadside billboard... w/ his head...

OK His head on a stick in front of the sign. I think the real problem will be finding him not getting the people together for his party.

P.S. I'm really having a time finding some of the threads I've been reading everyday with all these old posts up first.

It probably isn't hard to find the people running the site, and I bet I could get them to tell me ;)

I think having the first few posts approved or having a moderator whose sole function is to do that would be a good move.

I sort of believe that a quick shut down of their website is appropriate and turnabout as being fair play .

if you can't handle it then why dish it out .

Wisdom from by older brother when i was seven ....Hit them back twice as hard and they will remember not to screw with you ever again .

Wow. I just spent the better part of 40 minutes marking the 200+ spam posts from our latest ringmeat muncher.

He was a busy little grape gargler.

Yeah I was marking like a dog in heat! We need some mods up in here!!

I felt like this:

Did You notice the Time was the same on many Posts? Do they use a Auto Post system?

I think this is spambot

How come spam so often contain Gucci shoes?

I must have hit "Mark as SPAM" about 200 times tonight. Not only is the nasty paisley annoying, but it makes a mess of BLF even after the spam is long gone.

I have seen the name , How does it work?