Speras T1 Review (2x18650 , Osram CSLPM1.TG thrower)

Speras T1 Review


Hello everyone ! I’m happy to make a review again after a while , on a quite interesting flashlight , a thrower that uses the mighty Osram CSLPM1.TG led !


Overview :

*Extended-range of 1300m, high performance of 1200lm.
*Multifunctional tail button with mode memory function is designed for ON, momentary-ON, and quick strobe.
*T1 supports a wide voltage of 16.8V, compatible with 2*18650 Li-battery or 4*CR123A battery.
*7-color breathing light, like a beacon at night, better for seeking flashlight.
*2lm for the ECO mode, brings you the suitable beam at night.
*Side button, simple and easy to operate.
*Smart temperature control system assure stable output.
*Battery Capacity Indication, accurate to monitor when turn on.
*When the power is low (less than 10%), red LED indicator will keep flickering.
*Over Discharge Protection function, automatically downshift when the battery is low, preventing battery over discharge.
*Reverse Polarity Protection.
*High-strength aerospace aluminum body, CNC precision machining, Premium Type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish for extreme durability.


Full specs on the manual here : pic#1 pic#2

First Look / Unboxing :

Flashlight comes in nice classy box :

Package Contains :

- Flashlight

- Lanyard

- Spare o-rings

  • Holster

Extended View :

The flashlight itself :

It is a thrower with 2x18650 in series flashlight :

Head has a nice compact design with some fins near the LED area :
It also has Speras logo on the front side

And some warning & rating icons on the other

It’s head , with great machining and the different cooling fins :
We can also see the side button , made out of aluminum and with the little LED indicator in the center

Notice the nice crenelated bezel too :

Here we can see the SMO reflector and the nicely centered Osram LED :

Glass has a nice AR coating :

The tube , with nice machinng also here :

The tailcap , it has holes for lanyard and houses the rear button :

And the tube’s threads , on the tailcap side . “Square” cut , anodized , well machined :
Notice also the tactical ring

The other side has bare non-anodized threads for better electrical connection :

The visible part of the driver and it’s double spring , for lower resistance :

Also double spring on the tailcap :

Long batteries have a good fit , even if it seems to be protruding quite a lot because of the driver’s spring (but it compresses nicely) :

Batteries that come with the light are 2600mAh 18650 batteries that charge though micro usb port :

Modes & UI info :

Modes: ECO > Low > Medium > High + Hidden Strobe / SOS

Tailcap switch is used to turn on/off the flashlight . Momentary press will also work , and double click will activate strobe .
While flashlight is ON , with a single click from the side button you can navigate through modes (eco/low/medium/high) and double clicks though (strobe/sos) .
Also , while flashlight is ON , long click will activate Breathing mode , a mode where the LED indicator flashes in 7 different colors .

A detailed view of the manual : pic#1 pic#2

Battery indicator :

On the center of the side button , there is a simple LED indicator that flashes the first seconds you turn on the flashlight , depending on the battery left :

Blue LED means >=70% battery
Orange LED means 30–70 battery
Red LED means 10–30 battery
Constant Red led flashing means battery left is <10% .

Measurements :

Batteries used are these 2600mAh provided with the flashlight .

Amperage draw (Measured on the tail , with UT139 clamp meter) :

Low : 0.11 A
Med : 0.57 A
Hi : 2.78 A

(with 2*18650 in series)

Lumens (measured in diy lightbox) :

ECO : 1.5 lumen
Low : 70 lumens
Medium : 400 lumens
High : 1170 lumens

Intensity on highest setting : 395 kcd

Beamshots section :

Control shot :

Low :

Medium :

High :

End is about 220m away .

Some more beamshots coming soon…

Runtimes :

High mode :

A few words :

A well built flashlight for those who want a compact thrower , with the maximum possible throw and respectable lumens for such a small reflector / body. Build quality is excellent , and overall it is a very good flashlight !

Flashlight was provided by Speras for review purposes . More on this flashlight here .

Hey nice seeing you again and thanks for the review! My first big flashlight was the Thrunite Catapult V3; I really like the form factor! Nice to see the same form factor here. That is quite a step down though. Do you think it’s really necessary; does the light get hot before step down?

It keeps the temperature of the body quite low , maybe a bit too conservative . Other flashlight manufacturers allow +10°C more for sure .

Wonder if it’s either cheap batteries, or he didn’t fully charge them, causing that “downshift”, as they call it.

Haha , batteries of course were fully charged . Betteries are these on the pictures , that have probably Samsung cells inside.

Robert , flashlight is designed to reduce output to maintain flashlight temperature under a certain °C , about 55°C on this flashlight .

Ah, ok. That thing heats up pretty quick after a couple minutes.

I will repeat the test soon with some active cooling to see if that helps.

Giasou Giorgo,

What is the head diameter for the reflector?

Very impressive throw.going to try this emitter out if they release it in warm white!

Xeretismata apo Canada.

Thanks for your review.

I actually just bought this flashlight last night using Martin’s coupon at his website M4DM4X.com so good to know that it works as advertised. Super bargain for what the flashlight offers.

I’m confused by your measurement of 2.78A at HI mode. Shouldn’t it be closer to 7-8A?

This measurement as i write on my review is at the tailcap , not at the emitter !
It uses 2x18650 , but it is 3V led . Driver steps down the voltage , but amps are higher , depends on the efficiency of the driver but i guess it could be about 6 amps due to the low Vf of this Led

I just received mine. The quality is better than I expected. I also really like the dual switch UI. It’s my favorite. So simple to use and strobe is hidden. It throws very well. Compared with the Skylumen Delta side by side, they seem to throw about the same but the T1 has a larger hotspot and brighter spill. Actually looking at the hotspot, the T1 looks even more intense but it might be an illusion from due to larger hotspot. Nevertheless, matching the Delta is no small feat. That is one of Skylumen’s best mid size throwers and used to be my farthest thrower for a while.

I measured 1,103 lumens at 1s
CCT: 7421K
DUV: –0.0063
Ra (CRI): 69.1
R9: –9.6
R12: 41.9
Rf: 61
Rg: 97

I didn’t realize the CCT was so cool but it seems once past 6000K, further increase in temp is not that noticeable. I’m normally a WW/NW person but I have no issues with the tint here. I just wish it had built-in USB-C recharge so I would leave it in my car.

For the price after Martin’s coupon, this is a super deal. I recommend it to anyone who wants to try a White Flat but don’t want to spend too much.

Does it come with cells?

Banggood says no.

no. But I rather it don’t because I like to use my own cells instead of low end cell. The NCR18650GA is ideal for this one. You’ll get extremely long run times and the current is far more than adequate to run this.

Thank you.

Build quality looks really good through the pics. Have not bought a light in a while may be time for one.

Edit- Guess it should be built well. $120. May hold off on this one.

Well , you can find a good deal from m4dm4x