Spiders invading my car

Found nearly a dozen of these under and around my car last night…busy trying to do the Gulliver to my car with long, strong webs everywhere……
Looked them up and they’re Brown Widow Spiders. I’m not a fan of spiders so I got a gallon spray bottle of Ortho Home defense and wet down the entire underside of ALL my vehicles. I do a lot of my own maintenance and the LAST thing I need is a nasty spider bite.
Tonight I’m gonna set off one of those fogger bombs INSIDE the car. I heard they get inside too. Under the dash and all.

Kinda surprised there are so many spiders around the yard because we also have a large population of lizards (which I like very much)


Ok… enough internet for me. Going back to bed…

Under and inside my car?
Um, I think not. Maybe it’s what the French would do?

I must be French, I use a torch to burn up spider webs. For some reason I find large black widows under my cars from time to time.. Usually, the spider will fall down onto the ground where I dispatch them in haste. The flame just needs to lightly "kiss" the web to vaporize it. Not advising you to do so. Just the way I handle them. Do so at your own risk.

Most cars have this thing called a fuel tank under them. Now, normally all the gas stays inside that tank…and “normally” you probably won’t have a problem.
But it’s kinda like riding a motorcycle with no helmet, flip flops and shorts….or using UltraFire cheap LiIo batteries…it’s a matter of how much risk you are comfortable with.
But, being a mechanic….I know that leaks develop and sometimes fuel vapors can pool in places and in ways one might not normally expect.
That’s why (around vehicles) I don’t do the French Flaming spider dispatch technique under vehicles.

Just seems to me the better way is to use chemicals to exterminate. It’s safer and leaves a residue that keeps killing the spiders for a while.
But whatever you do doesn’t affect me and so it’s one less spider around :wink:

A flaming vehicle about to explode is a small price to pay!
I’d rather tackle a grizzly than battle a spider. I mean… just look at them!

ever been bitten by a brown Recluse?

I have. It SUCKS!!!

But…if I HAD to choose between a brown or black widow bite OR…standing next to an exploding vehicle OR fighting a grizzly bear….well I think there’s a rational choice there IF one HAD too.

Donate those cars and have the companies tow them away for you!!!

Spoken like a true “person from California” :partying_face:
That might be a viable option with your cars…mine…not so much lol

I’m on board with the fire idea. Conflagration is your only hope.

I’ve not heard of a Brown Widow before… Here, we only have Black Widows and Brown Recluse spiders. The Black Widow spiders aren’t as bad because they tend to stay out of the way in dark/damp places, like under the water meter lid. They are easy enough to spot and kill. The Brown Recluse are a lot more invasive though. They like to come inside the house and hide in places like under the bed, under piles of laundry, and under furniture.

Yea I know the feeling I get redbacks on my car and in the shed I think it’s from the grass its common for my area. I have seen funnelwebs in the yard I hope that is where they stay.

You guys in Australia have to deal with the heart-attack-inducing Orb Weavers though. Need a pocket flame thrower to deal with that.

If you have leather seats do not use the bomb and do not get any insecticide of any type on them. (unless of sourse it says safe for car interiors) The leather seats will rapidly deteriorate from the acids in the insect treatment.

I made this mistake once to rid my car of ants, spraying ortho home defense insecticide on the leather seats (and other surfaces), and within a short few months both seats went from perfect condition to badly split and damaged! Even though I wiped it off after application, the insecticide ate through the leather in an unbelievable fashion. It was a huge mistake!

We have those brown widows, black widows and brown recluses here. They leave a nasty bite. Especially if your more effected by their poison then others. There was a case where a kid got bitten and the hospital couldn’t do much. The father heard of a experimental antivenpm that mexico had developed. The hospital said they will not administer anything not approved by the fda. The company inexicp would meet the father at the airport and the risk the smuggle it back in was on him. So he flew there picked it up and couple hours later back into the us. Passed a couple customs officers questions about why he flew there and straight back with no time of visit. Gets back on the road. Hospital still refuses to use it. The doctor said get the kid into my office. They had to remove the kid from the hospital go into a doctors office to administer the medicine and it worked. Apparently black widows aew a huge problem in mexico.

The really messed up thing about it all is the us has a law. If they don’t have the medicine or treatment here you are allowed to import it abroad. I guess being expirmental was the issue. But the kid had a deadly reaction from it. He was going to die with out it. Most bites arnt to bad. Some fester and get infected. But some people it can be a life or death thing. I have no idea if the USA ever got the antivebom in its inventory now or not. This was several years ago. There was a show/documentary on this families experience

I use Baygon Spray, green tube

Beware. Read intructions printed on the tube

The French would surrender. As is customary.

Were those spiders from Mars?

Yea spiders are okay. I just love walking on the headland and seeing brown and red-bellied black snakes. They seem more scary then spiders lol.

Australia is weird I am away fishing now and I see more random stuff in my area then here 150kms away from Sydney. I went for a walk in a national park nothing. I go fishing here nothing amazing no sharks but I did see small sized salmon close to shore they where about 60cm. Yes we do have kangaroos here on the streets lol oh and possums in the trees stalking me.

One place I fish here and there it’s a hike about 500km drive but even of the jetty you can see baby sharks and stingrays it’s cool.