Spot of Baking anybody

Tried this recipe for orange sponge cake , i found it on youtube really easy if i can do it anybody can give it a go you get a kick when it comes out and you can impress your friends .

you can cut down on the sugar if you want .

Why would you do that? :bigsmile: I forwarded the link to my baker, so with any luck, I’ll get some…

If only I actually liked spongecake.

Anyone else think that this had to do with heating up metal?

Yep :bigsmile:

Indirectly you are heating up metal

Just now figured out that the vid is in Spanish. Any chance you could post up a written and translated to English recipe, frigiliana?

I was hoping it was a guide on how to bake only a small section of a light. Like a polka dotted flashlight.

No problem simples
1 x Orange

3 x Eggs

70ml (2.46 fld. oz) x oil vegetable or sunflower

170g (6 oz) x flour

250g (8.8 oz) x Sugar

2tsp x baking powder

Optional vanilla extract ,
Plus you could substitute some flour for ground almond, like i said theres a lot of sugar in there if you have sugar substitute (Stevia) you can use that.

PS i googled the Metric to imperial so you may need to double check I’m right

Small butane torch * may be * I’ve not yet tried it. Either that or the heat restricting putty classic car builders use to limit panel warp when welding may work.

Now that would be cool! I guess if you took the time, you could cut out circles out of the tube and heat them seperate then solder.

Two threads in one. I love this place. Thanks, frigiliana. I’ll put Mrs. Cone on this and let you know how it works out. She bakes pretty much every other day and loves to try new things. Thanks so much for taking the time to write it down for me. I truly appreciate it.

And I too would like a polka dotted light if anyone can figure that out.

Your welcome cone , i have a good Italian Biscotti Biscuit recipe if you want it , lovely with a cup of coffee ?

Heck ya, the Cone family would love any recipe for anything super tasty! We will reciprocate in kind, of course, if you are interested. Not just desserts, either, my wife makes lots of good stuff. As you may be aware, I really enjoy this Almond cake she whips up every now and then.

OK this is the link to the youtube recipe , i found it a little tricky the first couple of times but I’m sure it wont be a problem for Mrs Cone , what i did find though is if you over cook it you will need tungsten teeth to eat them as they come out like rock hard , as i said there lovely with a cup of coffee

My wife and i went to New York last year first time in America loved it anyway i had a cheese cake in the food hall at Grand Central so if you have a recipe for a good cheese cake i would appreciate one thanks

^ Thanks!

I like to bake

Or 3 . . I can’t believe nobody commented on this gem before:

I like to toss the soft balls out there, GottaZoom. If no one hits them out of the park it’s not my fault. Even edc, who I know has a great sense of humor and a quick wit, passed on it. 0:)

I prefer to keep my balls with me and not to toss them out for other people to hit. :P

You don’t know what you are missing, scaru.