Springs man...

Hi all,

I need springs. Battery contact springs to be exact. Now I want good springs and after reading this thread I wondered over to Lee Spring Co.'s website. They are nice springs, but after fiddling with the price breaks, the only reasonable cost these can be had for are in lots of 60+. Now I could use 60 springs (eventually lol), but I don't feel like dropping $150 (plus shipping) on springs.

So it got me looking for alternatives and I found these from Fasttech. Oh and these.

The first ones are "Gold Plated" and made from a "Copper Alloy". BS or fact? Both are good qualities that would allow them to be semi-decent conductors.

The second are stated as being made from "Carobronze". I don't know much about carobronze but these are relatively thick for battery springs (0.8mm). I also found a site that says carobronce has an electrical conductivity of 7MS/m. Smells like bull-sh*t to me because I have NFI what MS/m is in relation to electrical conductivity.

Are EITHER springs semi-decent replacements for the Lee Springs? If not, does anyone know of any other alternatives?


- Matt

Ah yes. I actually have a few of the type C springs. They are good. I'm just looking for something a bit thicker with a better currently carrying capability I guess. Type A might be OK as they are 0.9mm thick...

Fancyflashlights seems to have the same springs as IOS (A type by dimensions) for 3 usd (10pcs) vs IOS 2.49 usd (5 pcs) http://www.fancyflashlights.com/goods.php?id=140

mS/m is millisiemens/metre


Thanks Chloe. Now I just have to work out how to compare it to beryllium copper. Time to start reading.

I have a variety of the springs from IOS and I just add copper braid to them which gives them plenty of current capability.

I pretty well just add copper braid to all my springs now.

I’m interested in seeing what the result is. I add a piece of 22ga wire, silicone coating and all, in a slight coil inside the spring, haven’t found it to get in the way of compression and it makes a world of difference in amperage delivery. Just have to be extremely cautious that flux doesn’t pull too much solder into the wire as that of course makes it stiff and it will break connection under repeated battery changes.

A proper current carrying spring would avoid the hassle of bypass, let us know what you find out please!