Squaretrade 2 year protection plan on rechargeable unprotected Liion cells?

I decided to grab 2 more unprotected Sanyo UR14500s from eBay seller genuinecells (where I buy all my batteries because his stuff is real, competitively priced, shows up fast, and usually comes with free cases) and as I am going to checkout eBay asks me if I would like to purchase a protection plan from squaretrade for $5.99 …. This is for 2 batteries, which I am paying like $12 for……

I don’t know about yall but I can easily wear a battery out in less than two years without really abusing it. And these batteries are destined to
be charged and discharged a lot because they are going in the light I carry and use at my job as a equipment mechanic. And thats if my idiot father in law doesnt get a hold of one or both of them and burn them up/short them out (hes killed two of my batteries so far).

I tried looking up squaretrades policies on batteries but every search just yields content about replacing batteries in electronics. Furthermore, it seems like the majority of the policies squaretrade cells are on pricey electronics like tvs and smartphones. Has anyone ever purchased or made a claim to them on a battery? or can anyone find the appropriate policy?

I would not buy it.

That costs the same thing as a new cell.

$5.99 is not really the same as the cost of a new cell… Yes I am getting 2 for $12 but the discount for purchasing multiples should be taken in to consideration. the cheapest you will find a single cell for sale is $8.50-$9.

The auction is for 2 cells, so one would assume that both cells would be covered for that price…. which I would interpret as meaning that should both batteries fail both would be eligible for replacement.