SR 90 Shorty ... 815 KLUX


815 KLUX J)

Olight SR 90 Head
XP G2 dedomed @ 5A
and 3 18650

to be continued…

Vinz made it for me

post 46,60,
and some to bright beamshots at ca 1100 Meter
post 73


Wow, XP-G2 at 5A? That’s pretty incredible. Even I would be worried driving an XM-L at that current.

Congrats to your new lightsaber!

vinz emailed me about this one a few weeks ago - very nice!

When the XP G2 is driven @ 5A
the LED will give her best :bigsmile:

Sure at copper.

post 36


Guess what the next thing you do is a de-domed XP-E2 putting inside that SR90 head and getting over 1 million candlepower.

Simply awesome. :bigsmile:

I think you and Vinz inspired me to mod my X6 by swapping the SST-90 with a XP-G2, without changing the driver.

Hope the LED survives the massive overcurrent. J)

At this flashlight (X6)
it is better to take a XM L2 :wink:

cause of Ampere


Wow 815 - that's in DEFT-X territory. Puts my TN31 (resistor mod, de-domed XM-L2 U2) at 347 kcd to shame... My Convoy C8 with the de-domed XP-G2 is measuring 4 amps at the tail, but only 125 kcd , and it sure gets hot.

Wow, that thing is amazing... Vinz does some top quality work!

Congratulations Xandre.

Wonderful build. I've not seen that thread before on TLF. Don't really know what to say other than WOW!


At what distance is that Klux measurement?



+2 would like to see the lil beast.

found this on TLF

Thanks, Vinz do a great job with this flashlight,
and i am really happy with it.

@ 17,51 Meter
this is my Meter distance from one house to another.


Yeah, I understand. Thanks for the info!

Nice fun laser….

The Deft X maybe make some more meters
but without Spill.


And Vinz

made a beautiful Lumen-Sister for me too
same battery-holder


Up in the 700's, 800's, 900's -- still awesome no matter what the exact # is - double prior typical high #'s in the 300's and 400's.

That Magic Scorpion is a killer with those 7 LED's tightly packed. I'm getting close to 4,000 lumens on a Shocker, but the Shocker can throw, also couple of pounds heavier than that light I'm sure.... The custom copper pill looks impressive in that thing.