SRM 707 (Drifter model) - Does it come with logo on the handle?


Id like to order a 707 (Drifter clone) with the G-10 handle material. Can someone please let me know if this knife comes with the cheesy SRM logo on the handle, or are the handle sides all black, with no markings? (Ive seen SRM 707 MODELS both with and without...)

I really like this knife, I already have the metal version with the camo print, which is a frame lock, but Id like to checkout the lighter G-10 version.


(I would prefer no logo on the bottom knife, and I love the tiger stripes, LOL...)

I have this 707 from and it looks almost identical to the photo. The colors are all the same with some slight variations in the pattern. Its a real beauty for the price, as are all SMR knives.
I ordered this one in G10 last week and will let you know when it arrives. The stock photo shows no logo.
I also ordered one in partial serrated but its lost in the mail at the moment.
Thanks, I have this knife now too. I like it more than my 710 I think. The stripes on the blade are nice, and I like how the coating feels compared to the regular silver stainless like on the regular 710.
I didnt know they made this knife with serrations too????? Thats news to me, Ive never seen that model before, thanks for the pic.
I hope you like your G10 707 when it arrives.

I have the one with G10 handle and tiger stripe blade, and it does not have the logo.

Bought from focal price 4 or 5 months ago.

I wrote to Exduct and they told me this:

Before the old version 707 is none SRM logo, but new stock for SRM 707 is all with SRM logo on handle.


Thats too bad I really think the logo takes away from the knife.

I'll simply blot out the logo with a black permanent marker. Thanks for checking.

I have one w/logo, but it doesn't bother me at all. At least, it's better than the 723's Stainless steel Folding knife

LOL, true that one does look pretty bad, even the font.

Alzheimer knife?

Legal protection. If SanRenMu puts their name on the handle even if it's sold in Western markets they can say that they aren't trying to sell counterfeit CRKT Drifters because they're making no attempt to deceive.

Which would be an amusing argument to see because SanRenMu is the OEM for the CRKT Drifter in the first place.

I just received mine and the logo is actually silver, printed in raised letters. Its OK but I prefer the one that I listed above.

This one seems to have no logo

Looks pretty cool though.

added to cart......

Here is something to think about.

When you buy a SRM knife, do you really want it to look almost exctly the same than it's more expensive counterpart? Because by my opinion it isn't all that bad that is says SRM on the side and this is why.

Suppose you show someone your knife. There are two possibilities then:

A) The person knows nothing about knives and couldn't care less about the difference between a SRM a Buck or even a Sebenza

B) The person do knows something about knives. Again 2 possibilities

B-1) The person asks if it's a real A-brand and you have to tell him no it's a SRM. Everything you tell him afterwards to convince him it's actually a very good knife won't work because he'll keep thinking that it is a dud

B-2) It doensn't look exactly the same as the A-brand, and therefore doesn't want to look like a dud. Now you can tell him about what an awesome brand SRM actually is, like what steel and quality you get for such a low price and he'll be definitly more interested to listen.

I don't think there's any shame at all about owning a SRM.
It's like owning a budget light. It just proves you're more capable of rational thinking when spending your money and thinking quality-cost

But thats just how i feel about it.

we have four models o 707 in stock

1) GB-707, then one with BLACK G10 handle(w/ Sanrenmu's Logo),

2) GB9-707 , same as GB-707 except the blade is tiger striped

3) F9-707 camo style

3) F9-707A came style, half serrated

you can contact us via

Hi - Basically, I just don't think the logo (not really a logo, its just a lettered font) looks that nice - it looks like it was placed there by the co-op student on his first day, LOL. A logo like this just ruins the aesthetics.

707/710 Flying R is very nice right on the blade...

I like discrete logos on everything...that would be my preference if I had a choice.

Mine 707 came with the logo and I'm liking it. It's quite nice looking and gives the otherwise dark looks some contrast.