SSC p7 D-bin

need one on a 20mm star. i must be blind cause i could have sworn ive seen these online before!

all i found was 21mm on KD

now on other leds i would dremel down the edges HOWEVER

the p7 lense catches ALL that sandings and you CANT clean it, so i need one premounted.....

see if we have better luck with this since i got no info on the MC-E questions earlier

Take a piece of making tape large enough to cover the PCB. Take a piece of plastic wrap and cut out a small circle about the size of the emitter with scissors. Place the plastic circle in the middle of the sticky side of the tape. Align the plastic over the emitter and stick the tape to the PCB. Trim with a razor to the outside of the PCB before you dremel. When finished grinding, peel off the tape. Done!

not a bad idea

thanks for the tip.

still gonna spend some time looking first tho

If you use mild tape, you don't really need anything else. Also, 21mm may or may not mean "I made a mistake measuring 20mm".