sst-40 vs xpl-hi in C8+

Hello ! im new here so sorry if i post this in wrong category.
im gonna buy my first little better flashlight now, and i want a convoy C8+. but i dont know what is best, one with the sst-40 or xpl-hi ? how long can each of them light at 100% before they get too hot or battery die ?

and sorry for my english, im a swedish.


I don’t have numbers, but I have the sst-40 in my two Convoy C8+ lights, and throw is great - slightly better than xpl-hi.

Hi Kevin, welcome to BLF!
The SST40 will have a higher output than the XPL hi.

But, there are some things to take in mind.

The SST40 needs a higher current, so it will drain your cell twice as fast.

Visually you need them side by side to notice the difference.

The XPL hi can run on max until your cell will be drained, temperature is no problem.

The SST40 will get hot and i think that driver has thermal management so it will step down and you’ll end up with even a lower output then Xpl hi

It’s up to you

On the SST40 with the ramping driver, setting the light to 90% should get you similar output the XPL Hi, with decent run time and heat output.
Either way, you can’t go wrong with either.

thanks everyone !, if there dont is so much difference in output that i cant see it with my eyes i think i want the xpl-hi instead because of the battery time.
is the c8+ better than the c8 ? because a Astrolux c8 with xpl-hi and fet driver cost less than the convoy c8+ (22usd for c8+ and 16.99usd for astrolux c8)

Buy them both mate
Actually I reckon my Sofurn C8T is better than the Astrolux XPL-Hi.
Sofurn C8A slightly longer beam, less spread.

With my XPL-Hi. Convoy C8+ = “Slightly” better again. Distance wise.
With great spread.
My Fav torch body. I have 5 or 6 of them.
Waiting for a Copper version to come out next.

Same host size. Same head size. same pill.
they can’t vary much in reality.

C8 Body very nice.
C8+ Body. Nicer again.

Other mfg’s versions. Hmm OK. Personal choices basically.


“I’m a SWEDE”. OR


English language is a teaser hey.

I’ve used it for 78yrs in several country’s.

STILL get it wrong. Chuckle…

Note that XP-L is a 3535 footprint based LED while SST-40 is 5050. It also results in diffrent phosphor layer area. XP-L has smaller die and it’s beam will be more focused vs. SST-40. That literally means the main beam will be thinner in XP-L, looking like “lightsword”.

Another light you may want to consider is the convoy m21a. It is a small thrower very similar to the c8+ it uses the sst40 led. The m21a is just slightly longer than the c8+ due to using a 21700 battery. The m21a has an output of 2,300 lumens which is more than the c8+ and the 21700 battery helps with runtime over the 18650 in the c8+ I have both the astrolux c8 and the convoy m21a. I prefer the m21a. There is a groupbuy on here for the m21a for a very reasonable price. Either way, both are great lights, you can’t go wrong with either one.

Can you say something more about the ergonomics and size-weight of the M21A vs the C8(+)?

M21a has a floodier beam due to its smaller reflector

Also remember that all convoy SST40 drivers have thermal management and will never ever give their rated lumen output.
Therefore you have to remove the NTC

if u want a cheap light with sst40 i would recommend the astrolux ft03 for 30$ or something… very good light, but even a c8+ with xpl hi emitter is a cheap choice for a decent thrower, and usually no heat issue since it has less then 1000 lumens but the sst40 has twice the lumens so heats up faster ofc…

Did you get it with 5000K emitter? Curious how the tint is on the batch Simon got.

I got the cw. I like the tint. No yellow, but not on the blue side either.

Also to answer a previous comment, I would say the m21a throws further than the c8. Yes it has more flood than the c8 due to having an additional 1000 lumens. But I would definitely say the m21a throws farther. as far as thermals, I’ve had it on turbo for several minutes without visually noticing a stepdown. It does get noticeably warm however. Unfortunately I let a friend borrow the c8 so I cannot do a direct comparison at the moment, but based off memory I do believe the m21a may not be as wide, I think the reflector may be deeper.

If I recall correctly the ‘ramping’ driver that Simon supplies with the SST40 C8+ does not have thermal management. The ‘4-modes’ driver does though :+1:

I have both the “C8 with Biscotti 7135x8 XPL-HI 6500k” and “C8+ with ramping driver and SST40 6500k” and the perceived difference in light output between the two is substantial. The SST40 throws just as far as the XPL-HI does but offers a wider hotspot and more spill. If you do not care for battery life go with the SST40 version. If you prefer better battery life and tighter beam go with the XPL-HI :+1:

The C8, C8+ and M21A uses the exact same reflectors. I had a Astrolux C8, and still have a Convoy C8+ and 2x Convoy M21A.

EXACTLY the same reflectors. Just keep in mind the M21A has a froward clicky switch.

I’m looking for a 3000k xpl hi to put into a FT03 ,would this be worth it? Anybody knows if exists such a led? Thanks

Yes XPL-HI in 3000K do exist and are available from Simon at his Convoy Aliexpress store;

Convoy Aliexpress Store LEDs

V2-1A = 6500-7000K
U6-3A = 5000-5200K
U6-4C = 4200-4500K
U3-7A = 3000-3300K

Thanks for replying, would it be a better thrower the FT03 with xpl hi vs sst20 , less heat? Is it worth it to gain more throw?

well 3000k is a weird tint to have in a thrower imo…best is to use a neutral tint instead. but it will be less heat if thats what u after tho.

There’s lots of frog in here,that’s why I’m looking further for a 3000k tint