sst40 vs luxeon V

Hi guys,
I am currently planning my next build and I would like to hear your oppinions about it.
For the sst40 it would be flux bin n5 and voltage bin vj 5000K For the luxeon V it would be flux bin W and voltage bin f 5700K

Both have 70CRI.

If you have another LED you would recommend, I would like to hear it.

For the build I want to use a host for 1x 21700. The convoy m21a was recommended, but I am also open tu other suggestions.

Greetings devryd


If I see it correctly, it doesnt exist as a 3V emitter

You was going to direct drive led?

No, I wanted to use a Buck driver, or something like that

You could use boost with mt-g2

Is there an advantage in usige the mt-g2 instead of the LEDs mentioned above?

Flawless tint and beam quality. Hard to get nowadays.
I use two mtg-2 lights, hard to beat.