STARTED: GBGB: Stainless steel AAA clicky with a clip (CQG S1 "clone")

Today I received the 2 I orderd.
Lovely little lights.
Was planning on buying 2 more immediately but 1 does not work, so now I’m a little bit reluctant.

Will see if gearbest will reship a working one.

Open it up for a look-see. Mine had a loose + lead to the star. 30 second fix with an iron.

Already did that but didn’t see anything. Didn’t want to mess with it by trying to get it out to look at the other side before gearbest responded. Tried to fix defective lights in the past and well… It didn’t work out that well :zipper_mouth_face:

To illustrate that, I now have an oring from this light lying around and I don’t know where to put it back. I put it around the bezel but when screwing it back on it pushed the o-ring out to the side so I assume that’s not where it should go.

I got one of mine yesterday. Quite warm and the output is ok considering the tint. I haven't opened it up to see if there is some unnecessary resistance in there.

Hoping the cool tint version is bright enough to not need modding.

I ordered on 7/3 and tracking number never worked (SG). Still waiting…

I have some pics of 119s reflowed with the kapton tape on the center pad here:

The best way is to put a small piece of tape on the entire 3 pads, then use a knife to cut and remove/expose the parts of the tape that covers the outer 2 pads. Then put some solder paste on the pads and reflow the emitter(s) - I use a heat gun for that

It's tricky to reassemble because the spring under the pill pushes everything up and the o-ring twists against the bezel before it can tighten enough to hold it flat. Get a pen or something like that. The bottom of a Sharpie fine point works perfectly. I put the spring and pill in, put the reflector in, slide the bezel over the pen, wipe the lens while you have the chance, hold the FL upright, set the lens on the reflector, set the o-ring on the end of the pen.

Now use the pen to press the lens, pushing the whole assembly into the tube (lens, reflector, pill, spring) making sure the spring didn't turn sideways, let the o-ring fall into the tube, make sure lays flat.

Keeping pressure against the lens with the pen, side the bezel down to the tube and tighten. Done.

Thanks, that fixed the o-ring problem!
I took the entire pill out but didn’t see anything that could point me to a problem. Leads are attached. Also switched the switches, but both switches work on the working light and none of them work on the defective one. So this will be out of my control to fix it. Might be something wrong inside the pill, but it’s all so small, even if I could get the star out the pill, I will never be able to fix it.

That’s not a tracking number, it’s an internal code. The tracking number have the format “xx # # # # # # # # # SG”.

I'd say you made a great effort to solve the problem from your end, GB-CS should provide a replacement.

Well 1 week has gone by since I placed my order and the only info I have on my tracking number is that the shipment has been submitted. I’m beginning to really appreciate UPS, FEDex, DHL…. hell even the USPS is pretty darn good compared to these international shipping companies.

Been using the one NW I received few days ago. Liking the light. Since it's a single mode, I think the output is a good compromise between high output and run time. Need to think of a good way to keep the clip from sliding. Here is my make shift solution for now.

Maybe Loctite (cyanoacrylate glue)? Mine has been staying in place surprisingly well on it's own so far.

I apologize if this has already been addressed, but does anyone have a color temperature estimate for the neutral white? Somebody mentioned that it was rather warm for NW, but how warm is it? 4000k?

nothing measurable, but much warmer than I like :frowning:

I’m willing to trade my NW for CW.

3000K-2500K? Guesstimate by looking at the ANSI White chart, way to the right of my 5B1.

Id say ( and I am not good at this) it is in the 3000’s

Like old vanilla slimfast

Check it out guys did a quick little emitter swap in my first S1 clone today. Its a $.50 Nichia 119 that I got 10 of today. The light was a NW one and was 34 lumens at ~3900-4000k, this is the exact same output but a much nice 4350K. If yours is a CW I would expect to loose a few lumen, anyone measure their CW on eneloop?

Its at least 3500k, some of my favorite emitters are XM-L2 S6 7B3’s and at 2900K they’re WAY warmer than the “NW” XP-E was in my light. I won’t disagree that’s its on the warm side of neutral but they’re without a doubt neutral. I wouldn’t call anything over 3500 warm and I’m sure there are atlease that.

What is 5B1?

5B1 is ~4200K.

[Aside: Why does 'warmer' refer to lower color temperatures and 'cooler' refer to higher color temperatures? ]