STARTED: GBGB: Stainless steel AAA clicky with a clip (CQG S1 "clone")

Ok, ok, this isn't the GB I have been programming the driver for, but something to keep you guys busy while we continue negotiations of the quality zoomie with that nice driver.

So, up for Group Buy is a classy and small stainless steel AAA/10440 clicky light with a simple one mode UI.

The light will be sold by GearBest (thus the GBGB in the title ;)) - So if you don't like them, feel free to stop reading now. But don't complain if you miss a pretty good deal.

You might know CQG S1 / S2 line and wonder how this compares to it..

Here's a quick comparison: As thick as S2, bit longer than my S1 v1 (I don't have S1 v2, but have heard that it's longer than v1 -> maybe same size?)

Other details / things to notice:

The clicky switch in the clone is protruding a bit, making it easier to turn on/off (something the original CQG was sometimes criticised of), but less stable to tail stand:

Clip is included in the price. It's a bit softer (= easier to clip to jeans pocket) than the clip that was sold with S1/S2 in our earlier GB, and works pretty well.

Has "SingFire" engraving:

The reflector is OP:

The End. Or did I forget something?

..I think I did..

The group buy price, if we can reach 50pcs (which shouldn't be hard ;)), is..

Wait for it..

$5.99 including free shipping. [Yes, if you would ask me, I would say that we managed to negotiate a pretty unbelievable price]

I still have some open questions, like availability of NW version (I wish we could make it happen!), but let's ask the famous question:

Is anyone interested? :)


Just order via the following links, using coupon GBSF348

- Cool White <-- affiliate link (= "Thank you for the GB!"), non-aff link here

- Neutral White <-- affiliate link (= "Thank you for the GB!"), non-aff link here

Late registration allowed (just post your interest to this thread even the GB has already started), but please let the first registrants buy the 30 first pieces of NW beauties. Thank you for being polite!

Note: The coupons are currently working only for single piece orders (1 CW & 1 NW is ok though). GB is working on this, but you can already order one of each if you want to.. :)

Edit: Coupon is now fixed to work with multiple pieces in same order. I just ordered 4xNW and the total was $23.96 as it should. Thanks GB for fixing this!

Ps. I have two of these in my hands, so feel free to ask any question about them.

Yo dawg! I heard you like Group Buys!

Can the pill be removed so we change the LED, driver?


NW would be nice, but any chance of getting some modes (>1)? Or is this DD?

I’m in!

One mode AAA clicky is my fave “go everywhere” EDC format

Everyone likes Group Buys, right? Or maybe the wallet wont?

Removing the pill won't be easy, but I can try it when I have some extra time (this Sunday maybe).

I'll do my best to make a NW version happen, but we won't get any driver customization for this low price. Sorry about that.

You can always opt for CQG S1, which has three modes (and GB price was 2.5x of this too) - if you still can find it somewhere.

NW would be awesome.
How many lumens on AAA?

I’m in for 2

Thanks for organising the group buy, but I am happy with the CQG.

Out of curiosity: what led is in it? (I have bought a similar light, but with lens instead of reflector, it has a generic chinese led of dubious tint).

im in :slight_smile: count me in for one.

In for 2. Would love further info about emitter/tint. THANKS for an awesome GB!!


Is removing the pill hard because the light only unscrews at the tailcap end (i.e., no separate “head” section)?

As much as I am on the fence about GB, for this price I may have to give them a shot.

Two questions/request….does it really work with 10440 and NW would be nice

Count me in for two. Maybe four with more details, like emitter, dimensions and lumens.

Count me in for two

What LED is this? XP-G2? lumens?

In for 1 or more.

Cool looking little devices!

I am in! :smiley:

Is this for AAA sized lithium, or I can use auctual AAA’s?

Please count me in for 2.

Does it have that annoying GITD bezel o-ring?

put me down for 2, even if I can’t get em…I want to help the group buy

OP is the pill like a convoy, unscrew it and it comes out the battery tube?
Got any detailed pics of the pill driver/emitter assembly?

- update - 2 inbound, I REAAAALY hate the 5.99 but when you order and apply the coupon code, shipping and everything comes out to $7.71 a piece…