steady 3 amp driver

hi would anyone no where i can find a steady 3 amp driver on a 17mm board if possable

Good luck with that, I would really like to know the answer to this question as well, the closest thing I have found was to do this mod here.

There is some more relevant info here as well.

Oh and welcome to BLF a lot of great info is to be found here.

Thank u.... i hope i can find one :)

If you know how to solder these are really good they are NANJG 105C drivers I got some a couple weeks ago they put out 2.8 amps on high and you can configure them as to how a many modes you want. They are really close to 3 amps there is a way to mod these above 2.8 amps by stacking chips in the link I added above.

Shiningbeam also sells them with the wires attached and the mode selection set to 3mode high medium and low this saves a lot of time since it is very difficult to solder on these small boards plus you will get them in 2 or 3 days in Ohio.

ill go with the Shiningbeam driver so i dont have to wait 3 weeks thanks again for the great help and links

Cheaper but only one mode: