Steam Sales - Great prices but hard to take the plunge

Really great great price for the Civilization series bundle. A total steal to be honest at $12.49.

I have a few games bought on steam, played for about 6 months but ultimately uninstalled and deleted that annoying always on steam account from my PC. A huge resource hog and the DRM is hella annoying :frowning:

Too bad GOG does not have it.

Bought a game off steam years ago, downloaded it, entered the activation key they sent to me in an email, server told me that the key was already in use, contacted Steam and was told that I am a pirate as the code is already registered and to not contact them again, and never did get an answer to my couple of hundred emails |(

And now they are on Linux :expressionless:

Cheers David

Yeah, the biggest catalog of games at affordable prices, a pioneer in the gaming industry, the biggest gaming community on the planet, what’s not to hate amirite. Hella annoying.

So I am supposed to love them for stealing my money ??

Cheers David

Personally, I hate steam. It’s a resource hog that defaults to loading on boot.

If you buy a game on steam, you don’t need to add a code, the game is added automatically. If you buy a code from someone and it’s invalid, that is not Steam’s fault, nor did they steal your money.


When you buy a game from Steam directly you don’t get a key, the game is added automatically to your library. So you’re clearly doing something wrong.

10~11 years ago you got an activation key to play the game on their servers, and as they were the only servers hosting that game that meant I could not play an online game “online”, if that is not theft what is ??

Cheers David

If I sell you a key to a car, and the Department of Motor Vehicles says it’s not your car, you can’t register it, did DMV rip you off? You should have gotten a new key or your money back from the person that sold you the key.

Interesting, I’ve had steam for almost 9 years never ran into any fake keys. I’ve got some 200+ games large amount from humble bundles. I played the crap out of Day of Defeat and counterstrike back in the day.

I’m not a Civ player, but it is mostly offline right? If I’m not mistaken you can run offline games without steam opening with little effort. I used to play GTA IV offline with graphic enhancements and lots of mods.

Did you even read my post,