Steels test : Enlan EL02, Navy K-502, Ganzo G-710 vs. Spyderco Tenacious

In russian, but it’s easy to count and see:

So, without looking at those videos, whats the conclusion, whats your opinion on that :)?

1. Spyderco
2. Ganzo G710
3. Enlan EL02
4. Navy

Yay spyderco. I have the exact same knife.

The Navy’s test shows that the steel is probably very soft.
Navy knives are sold as 440C steel, like the Navy K-623 but the exact same model rebranded and sold by Puma (Puma-Tec) is claimed / rated to be 420 steel.

The production of PUMA TEC models is carried out by selected international partner-manufacturers.

Same observation with Enlan’s knives rebranded by Böker.

Even if I know that Chinese manufacturers tend to overrate their cheap products it is always unpleasant to feel “cheated” or to have to dig out what those products really are.

Very interesting! I do, however, prefer a steel that I can sharpen easily over one that hold its edge longer. But of course, YMMV. :wink: