STL-V2 can´t Deal With It, need more durable recommendations for 2 x 18650!

In agreement on the M8, followed by MPP 1. I don't think you can go wrong with either.

M8 yes but it has a strobe mode.
How does that “A.I.” switch work anywa, can it be operated with tailcap button to go jus ON/OFF?

Yes. It comes with two tailcaps. The tactical switch is high mode only, on/off and is the brightest setting. If you are in a hurry, Lighthound will ship it out immediately and you can expect delivery in 2, maybe 3 days. With discount, it is only about $5 more. SF Sales ships pretty quick too though, 6-10 days.

Really nice quality light. I love mine. Versatile too, can run on 1 battery or 2. 1 battery mode is slightly less bright, but hardly noticible. Foy's review on the light is excellent - biggest reason I bought it. Well, that and it is a damn good looking light.

Edit: You know, it's really nice to talk about flashlights for a change, ain't it? Smile

CT -

The 18700s fit fine.

If I remember right, the M8 was slightly less bright with the AI switch. I never use it. For me, these bigger lights need modes even less than a small torch.

Because I've never liked blinkys, I'm sure fate will someday land me in the middle of the desert at night with a single mode M8 and no ability to SOS a passing plane . . . . or induce an epileptic event in a nocturnal gila monster.


Thanks for these good points!

Ok, summing up here.

If we are speaking only about throw, list should go like this?

-MMP1 and higher priced lights like SWM´s, Olights and so on


-Solarforce M8

-Xin TD L2

I just bought this last week,

But I bought it from DX, as last week there was a group buy offer from DX, cost $29 only. I don't know if this SmallSun version has a nice driver, but for its price I would just give it a try. If it's not satisfied I would consider swapping its driver.

Wow, modes are high-strobe-sos. I sure hope it at least has mode memory!

Well, I bought it from DX, and the modes description in DX is High-mid-strobe, I doubt if they use different driver. The modes arrangement is irritating and without a low mode, but I will see when it arrive.

EDIT: the link is here,

My STL-V2 shipped yesterday. Got it from DD for less than $35.


I gave my 980L to my friend as a reference for "poorer throw" since he has nothing to compare the STL with.

I was thinking, if he accepts or even closely can deal with throw of 980L, he can do with M8 & XinTD with ease.


XinTD has been ordered :)


Today I will leave it to the owner, let´s see how he likes it!

a guy told, who has this light, it's not a simple high-strobe-sos, if you switch on the light and hold the button longer, the light will switch to low mode, and if you hold the button even longer the brightness will change stepless.

You should have asked him not to do budget lights since that is going to be very tough in the field. I guess if you stick with clickies, replacement is literally a must if it's used a lot, regardless of budget branded or premium branded lights.


DD randomness again :|

Naturally you can raise a claim since it is clearly a different product than advertised, if this happens...

Solarforce M8 is very nice quality. It's not a true dedicated thrower with it's hybrid OP/SMO reflector, but it throws very well and has some useful spill. All in all a very nice, versatile light which can be used in 1x or 2x 18650 mode. Parts mix and match with the M6, but not with other SF lights, except maybe the tailcap will work with a few others. If I had a do-over, I'd buy it again.

If you are even considering buying the M8, check out Foy's review if you haven't already: