Stock SP03 vs J-19 De-domed XM-L2 dry driver heavy wire resistance mods (beamshots)

Top picture is SP03 bottom picture is the J-19 with de-domed XM-L2 U2's on noctigons. I can't remember what gauge wire this is but it's heavy and paired with the DRY driver it's, well you can see what it's. it's bright. Yes they are both on high. If the SP03 is supposed to be not that far behind a TK75 can you imagine what this J-19 would do next to one? These shots were taken seconds apart with the lights and camera held at very close to the same spots.

Nice. Makes the SP03 look like it is on medium or low.

Thanks. Yep it’s really amazing how much brighter this one is now. The J-19 is brighter on medium/high than the SP03 on high and on turbo it simply blows it away. This is just a great light to mod. The heat sinking is great the reflectors are super deep, much deeper than the SP03. Better battery options than the BTU shocker and it’s much more comfortable to carry. It’s really well balanced. You can hold it up with one finger near the head so it’s not top heavy like the shocker is and the body is much smaller so it’s not like holding a soup can. It’s smaller in diameter than the SRK. Don’t get me wrong it’s still a huge light and it’s heavy but it’s better to carry. I really can’t wait to get my next one in so I can stick the MT-G2’s in it. I stuck one in the reflector and it fits with room to spare.

J-19 has deeper reflectors compared to SP03???

Yep and although this beamshot makes it look like the hot spot is bigger on the J19 what it doesn’t show is that inside of that hotspot is a much smaller hotspot.

J19 + three XM-L2 Us on Noctigon + DRY driver = whopping $97 in total.

Amazing light for the money.

Nice mod and shots! :)


Agreed, this light its a monster for the price.

About temperature, this light warms fast or it can handle very well the heat of those led overdrived on outdoor enviroment?

It gets warm quick enough that you can tell the heat is transferring but it’s not getting HOT like other lights that are driven this hard. It’s a huge light with all kinds of places for the heat to go. This could probably be driven even harder than what it is without it being a big deal. But it’s driven plenty hard now. I don’t think that there is much if anything to gain from driving it any harder. A lot of energy would then get lost to heat for not much gain in lumens or throw.

nice upgrade. you know the numbers on this guy?

Nope but at the current I am running I would guess it’s at least 4,000 lumens and 200kcd that would be conservative. Of course that is going to be dependent on batteries because the DRY is direct drive. This is with 3 king kongs. Of course the extra heavy wiring helps a lot and this doesn’t have the battery carrier for that added resistance.

Not to go off topic or anything but does anyone know if the dry driver or any similar beastly driver would work on the SP03? In my opinion it is a nice light also but just needs driven harder. The J19 is a beast driven hard like this so I was just curious if this would be possible with the Solarstorm also.

Not without modding the battery carrier. I would also like to mod my SP03 but nothing comes to mind yet on how to do it. I think for now though I’m just going to live with it. It’s still a lot of light much more of course when you don’t compare it to a beast like this.

DRY driver would have a hard time to be fitted into the SP03, as DRY driver is designed for 3*18650 in series, while SP03 is 4*18650 in parallel. Additionally the SP03 is using electronics switch, not the mechanical switch as seen in DRY.

Completely different format.

wow i wasnt expecting those numbers. thats pretty impressive

Nice photos.

Thanks, although I have a long, long way to go to come close to all the impressive photo’s you have posted.

I think you have already caught me. That J-19 is probably 225K or more.