Storing flashlights safely on a boat

First of all, thank you guys for the awesome info you have here on this forum.

I ordered a bunch of lights for my sailboat:

- Skillhunt H04 RC headlamps

- Sofirn New SD05 Scuba Dive Flashlight

  • Sofirn SF47T Thrower

I’m a noob when it comes to these new kind of powerful flashlights, and I am a bit worried about the safety aspect.
I would like to avoid any hazards if I can… e.g. a fire if they accidentally turn on, or if there is any issue with the batteries, etc.

Please give me any advice you can think of - of how to safely store them on a boat.

The batteries typically come in a plastic holder. This is great way to store them as it guarantees they will never touch.

Use a quality external charger, there are many like the miboxer, nitecore, etc.

The batteries and lights with batteries in them should be kept at a reasonable temperature and of course not in direct sunlight.

If you are super risk averse, consider protected only cells, these will prevent you from doing something foolish.

Other than that, there is not much to it after all, its just a flashlight.

You made some nice choices, enjoy the hobby.

Thanks zoulas!

Hmmm - I ordered them with batteries included from their official store on AliExpress. I suppose that means they will be coming with unprotected cells?
Thanks about the other advice. I was also thinking to maybe store them into a special container that could take the heat if they were to power-on accidentally. And maybe have some sort of strap to avoid that happening regardless. Maybe a container with slots and straps that will ensure they can’t power-on no matter how much they are being tossed about.

An alternative would be to keep them in locked-mode, but I’m not really keen on that solution. I would like for every crew to be able to quickly grab it and use it in case of an emergency. Not try to remember how to unlock the damn light :slight_smile:

Align the tube and fix it at the entrance, with the reflector facing up. It will be easily accessible and safe.

Fire-protected battery storage requires an ammo box with a fire absorber. Search at the RC modellers forums.

That’s a good idea Bartosz! Muchas gracias!

On a yacht at night, we have seconds to illuminate a man overboard. The flashlight must always be in place. May we never have to use it for that.

When on the boat I have the light (Astrolux FT03) in a holder next to the helm.
I store the extra batteries and light in this when I’m on/off the boat.

Fire Proof Pouch

Never had a fire, so don’t know how good it will be :slight_smile: