Strange Red 1D Maglite Mule - Build Thread - Finished and Beam Shots

I got a strange looking light here. It started out as an idea to make a Mule. I started out with a Red 2D Maglite and I have cut it down for a 1D. I have bored it to take 4AA NiMHs. I have cut the head down and done some cosmetics.

I will be putting a T6 1C in, with a NANJG driver (E1320 program). Here's a couple photos:


I have done some cosmetic mods to the light, to dress it up a little. I love red and polished on the same light.


The head was cut off where the threads for the body start and I cut a ring in the head, for the lens to sit in. I will probably be using epoxy to hold the lens in.


Just a shot of what it will look like.

I will use the normal aluminum heat sink, with copper wrap, like I do with most lights. The stock switch will be maintained, with the E1320 modded 105C between the switch and the LED.


I went ahead and finished this one up tonight. Here's the photos and some beam shots.


Maglite switch.




Driver, with two extra 7135 chips. 10 chips in total. It gives a steady 3.25 amps at the tail cap.


Modified 4AA holder, copper contacts.


Everything together.

ISO 100, F:2.7, Daylight WB, 1 Sec. shutter.






It does give a little light if it head stands, not much, but a little. I'm glad I cut the grooves in it for that.

That's all folks....

Here's a video showing more detail about the Human Lathe method, of shortening a Maglite. I have a few little tricks that I use, to get good seams and I figured I might be able to show y'all in a video.

Oh I do love your work Justin, that just looks awesome but is still a recognizable Maglite host. Top job! 8)

Great work! I love the way you cut down the head. :D

Great work as always, Justin! I really like the look of that mule head. The video is helpful as always, too.

strange mule? more like awesome looking! good work sir!

Great vid, and very nice-looking mule host.

Starting to look good! I agree that the red / polished aluminum combo is a winner... I really like that look.

Wow gollybum gee whizz! I like the light in total!!! Beautiful!! But that head is a stunner!!!

The red and polished look is just…. just….just….well…. JUSTIN! :slight_smile:


Edit…. Keep this hid from that danged Okie!!! :slight_smile:

Old Lumens has to be the most talented manual modder I have ever seen! Your skills Sir are simply amazing!

Excellent work!

It's done, final photos and beam shots in the OP.

Thanks everybody, for looking and commenting.

Baby wants a triple Nichia 219 star… don’t know how well they parallel though…

What texaspyro said .

Excellent mod , Old-Lumens .

Love the wall of light!, Yeah, I agree with Jack and the Pyro. A trio of Nichia 219 LEDs would be the ticket.

You make maglights look so cool!

A triple Nichia Mule?, or a triple Nichia TIR?

Not parallel, series. Only way to go.

Man I learn alot watching videos like the one you generously included. Thank you Old-Lumens. :slight_smile:

Once again, you impress. :)

Love that light. Great look and perfect flood beam. I’ve converted several M@Gs to mules but they retain the stock look. Yours is much nicer, the scalloped head & tail are outstanding.

I go away for 2 nights and you build a light? I was studying the first picture wondering how you got that titanium look then scrolled down to the next picture. You tricked me. Its polished. Another creative light from the house of Old-Lumens. Very nice.