Strange s41 behavior

So I put a BLF x5/x6 driver in my Astrolux S41 SS a while ago, all was good.

Today I got my 18650 tube, and now when I try to go back a mode from moon it flashed high real quick and then goes back to moon. When going up modes from moon, it acts fine until it gets to the 6th mode up, then it does the “stutter” like it does in config mode sort or, then goes back to moon.

I had put a new astrolux 2 led switch board in it to replace the single led board I had in it. Thought maybe that was playing tricks, but it works fine with the 18350 tube. Tried going back to the other board anyways and still acting up.

Thought maybe it was a battery length issue… but tried a 30q and a protected cell and same behavior…

Anyone got a clue what could be going on here??

Edit: The only thing I can figure is a component doesnt like the extra current maybe?

More than likely it’s the higher current—I’m dealing with issues using crescendo with high drain cells but work fine with Pany Bs and laptop pulls—try a lesser cell like a laptop pull

Will have to search, got some pulls around here… That is the only thing I can figure it is. Which kind of sucks.

Tried an old laptop pull, and still got the issue.

I did notice theres a hum/beep from the light when it faults. Bad component somewhere.

My Astrolux SS is working fine with 30q. That light came stock with this driver. My only other light with this driver is in a 26650 light with an older cell in it. That driver came the same time as this one thats failing. Will have to give it a go with a 30q and sleeve to see if that one fails too…

Might be the bleed resister for the lighted tail cap in the X5/X6? The S41 doesn’t use a lighted tail cap. Maybe it just started effecting it. I don’t know.

When you put it back together with the 18350 tube —does it work fine again—if so—-could be a connection issue with the new tube (grounding)
If it works fine in the 18350 setup——then try to use the 18350 cell in the long tube with some kind of make shift spacer—-then you’ll know if its the tube

Read this, it happens when the X5/X6 driver is used for high drain low voltage triples (it was designed for a single relatively high voltage XP-L), and yes, using an 18650 can make a difference from using an 18350.

Also, the X5/X6 driver when used in high drain flashlights is almost impossible to set up with a lighted tail without messing up the user interface.

The BLF-A6 driver is miles less sensitive to its electronical surroundings (probably the Attiny13 in the A6 driver is more robust in this than the Attiny25 in the X5/X6 driver), no wonder that Astrolux sticked to that driver in all of their EDC models.

Thanks djozz.
Guess I will have to go back to the A6 driver to get the most out of this light.
Any problems adding a resistor to the A6 driver and lighted tail?
Kind of sucks because this x5/x6 driver is by far my favorite driver I have ever used

I agree on the nicer features of the X5/X6 driver, but I’m back to the A6 for almost all my small hotrod lights. Extra advantage: they allow a bright lighted tail without much fiddling with resistor values (try 470 Ohm bleeder and resultant value of about 5 KOhm for the tail resistors together). The Banggood A6 driver currently for sale has a pad for a bleeder ready (because they use the same PCB for both types of driver).

I noticed the pad for the bleeder on the A6 when I removed it but didnt want to scrounge for a resistor or mess around soldering one on when the x5 driver is so much better and has it on it already. Guess the x5 driver is not ALL THAT much better… lol.
Snow day today, so maybe I will scrounge around on my old PCBs to see if there is a suitable resistor to mod the A6 driver

Dont get me wrong, I dont think the A6 driver is bad. There is just a few features on the x5 that makes it about perfect to me

That is exact how it is for me :slight_smile: