Streamlight diffuser?

Since my Streamlight Survivor no longer sees duty use, I was wondering what the best option would be for diffusing the very throwy pencil beam? As it is, its rated for 175 lumens and 405m throw (41,000 cd). Obviously not top of the line specs, but it works very well for its intended purpose. I’m thinking about using it either as a “grab and go” light on the charging cradle near the door or otherwise tossing some L91’s in the AA battery holder and putting it in the truck. In either case the throw is nice, but limiting and I’d like a somewhat less pencil beam. I guess I’ll try some DC-Fix first and see how it does on top the TIR optic. Is there any snap-on type alternatives out there? Streamlight doesn’t offer any for this model.

Consider these...

Choose the appropriate size from the sizing chart, then apply DC-Fix to the lens, which can be easily removed for clean application. With the hinged cover, you never really need to remove the cover to maintain the diffused/non-diffused option. At ~$10, it's an inexpensive option that works really well, plus it protects the light's head.