Streamlight ProTac HL - XML?

Looks like streamlight just made a HUGE leap in output over their previous models which were stuck with the old XR-E.


I think it's going to be a big seller among LEOs.

I like the programmable UI, even if it's only three choices.

I absolutely love my PT2L, even if it's a bit outgunned these days. If the build quality is anywhere comparable, Surefire looks to have a true market rival for the form-factor.

I wonder why SF hasn't sued Streamlight yet...I bet it's because they know SL can actually defend a case in Federal Court without going bankrupt.

Someone told me ,one bought the other one out and kept the name, but I’m not sure the source was reliable?

a customer gave me a propolymer 3c luxeon 1 watt and a 7 LED septor headlight last night. i actually like the 3c design, useful house light. wonder if anyone ever modded the driver/LED on one of those modules.

I don't believe it's an XM-L. All they state on the site is the "C4" technology and it's also in a bunch of lights they sell. One is a right angle light with a claimed 36,000 Candela but only 140 lumens. The way they describe "C4" it's just a new reflector system.

They call all of their led models "C4". The old ones are Cree XRE and the knucklehead is rebel. With 600lm, it must be something nice like an XML.

I got to admit that I'm pretty impressed by this. Having an XM-L and a programmable UI is a big step in the right direction.

Could be an MCE or a P7 with that output too though.