Streamlight SL20L run times

Hi all.
Streamlight launched a newer update to the original LED SL20L. It boasts 100 more lumens and a 3.25 hour run time.
My question is about batteries. Which battery will run longer, the original 2200 mah NI-Mh battery or a 1800 mah Ni-CD battery?
I really don’t like the Ni-Mh batteries.
The second part of my question, my old Ni-CD battery will fit if I take the sleeve out. Will I ruin the light if I try it?

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Not familiar with this particular light but Google suggests the correct battery is the “Streamlight Battery 77375”. This pack 6V and 2.6Ah.

Comparing the old and new batteries, the larger the capacity, the longer the runtime. The voltage should be the same (6V).

If the voltage and physical terminals of the light are the same, then there’s probably no issue using the old pack in the new light but you could give Streamlight a call to check.

NiCd batteries are pretty much banned in the EU as NiMh is superior technology for vast majority of cases.

Please enjoy your time here, PaulC!